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by Henry Makow Ph.D. — March 5, 2018

I’m 68. When I evaluate my life, I’ve made many mistakes which I partly blame on societal influence.
My biggest regret is not recognizing sooner that society has been subverted by Satanists. Like all satanic cults, society has a malign influence on its members.
Nonetheless, I take consolation in having been true to myself. For that, I give my life a passing grade, a solid “B”.
When I was a child, I was fascinated by history. I could not understand how “adults” had made such a mess of things. Human history was a tragedy for millions. My parents had barely survived World War Two. I resolved to discover the cause of the human malaise.
ask-henryMy mission in life was to write the truth. My heroes were investigative reporters.
When I was 12, I wrote a syndicated “Advice to Parents” column for 40 newspapers and worked as a copyboy and reporter later. I enjoyed the rumble of the printing presses and the smell of ink. The idea that I might reach millions was exhilarating.
I have accomplished what I set out to do. I now understand what is wrong with the world. So do many of my readers. But understanding an illness is only the first step toward a cure. But at least we know why humanity is being sabotaged.
So, if I am an example, just being true to yourself will give life meaning. God has a purpose for each of us. We only need to discover it.



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