Trouble in diversityland as nation-wreckers fall out

Irish Savant — May 5, 2018

BBC Director General Lord Hall
Reading a warning by BBC Director-General Lord Hall in yesterday’s Sunday Times I immediately checked the weather report for signs of frost in Hell. You see  the top dog in the organisation that has done more than any other to destroy traditional Britain was complaining about……organisations damaging traditional Britain! Hall claims that technology giants like Google, Twitter and FB are stoking social unease and division and – get this – fears that ‘our sense of national identity and our sense of who we are might be threatened‘!!
In other news George Soros thinks there’s too much money in politics, Casey Anthony criticises the standard of creche facilities while Madonna laments the sluttishness of today’s young singers.
This guy is an embarrassment to even the most odious Cultural-Marxist parasite at the BBC (more accurately the HebeBC), the most trusted name in Fake News. Since its takeover by anti-British subversives it has waged an unrelenting war against the British people, against family, against community, against tradition, against culture, against Christianity, against history, against ethics, against classical beauty, against reason, against nature itself all the while enabling an army of Third World parasites to pillage an inheritance to which they are not entitled.
It embodies what Hannah Arendt called “the totalitarian contempt for facts and reality.” Its presenters are anything other than straight white males (the people who made the BBC the broadcasting gold standard) and are skilled in the delicate art of not seeing what’s in front of their hooked noses…. and not much else. Inevitably broadcasting standards have plummeted. The Hebe has instead become the by-word for trendy, faux working-class values peddled by privileged Cultural-Marxists, a hostile license-payer funded globohomo ‘elite’ of rootless cosmopiltans…… unelected, unaccountable, completely alien to the nation they purport to represent and whose job is to repackage inconvenient facts into support of the Official Story. Having built a giant cocoon of lies they smear and stigmatise as racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic anyone contradicting what George Orwell called their “smelly little orthodoxies” while defending to the last degenerate perverts like Jimmy Saville.
So how about this for an updated HebeBC Mission Statement?: “To cleanse Britain of its traditional people and replace them with a slurry of deracinated dumbed-down ant people.” Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
And its new Message To The British People: “Stop thinking and talking about the dispossession of your countries and the destruction of your societies. Why not enjoy Danny Cohen’s Snog, Marry, Avoid and Hotter Than My Daughter? Or maybe watch this disabled black Muslim tell you how Islam invented everything. Isn’t that much better than worrying about the state of your society?”
Just to cover the remote possibility that Hall isn’t lying let me spell it out for him. If the people change, so does the nation, into a reflection of the ones the invaders escaped from. If my word isn’t good enough Plato’s might be: “This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.”  Which is why an all-British Cotswold village is idyllic and Tower Hamlets is a crime-infested, poverty-stricken, welfare-dependent hell-hole just waiting to explode into inter-community violence. Not that that will bother this particular shitlib, living as he does far from the vibrancy he helped foist on the country.
But he does recognise that the HebeBC faces what’s potentially an existential crisis. The gods of karmic retribution will be pleased with this, as will I. I want to see this rotting corpse of vice and depravity on its collectivist gobohomo back, twitching like a dying roach or a slug rolling around in a bowl of salt.
Dear Lord, let the suffering begin.