Florida woman claims cops arrested her on bogus charges and savagely beat her…

Days after she testified in a brutality case against one of their own

Germania Rodriguez — Daily Mail March 4, 2018

Jessica MooneyA Florida woman claims she was brutally beaten by police just days after she testified against a cop who assaulted a homeless man.

Jessica Mooney, 26, was waiting at a bus terminal in Fort Lauderdale in 2015 when she witnessed officer Victor Ramirez slapping a homeless man in the face in an incident that was caught on a viral video shot by her fiancé.

Officer Ramirez, was who has a long history of reports of excessive force, was charged with misdemeanor battery and arrested the following year. He was found not guilty despite the video evidence of him slapping Bruce LaClare.

Mooney served as a witness in his trial –  something she says she paid a high price for, landing her in the emergency room.

‘All I did was try to help somebody,’ Mooney said to ABC10 in 2016. ‘I testified because it was the right thing to do because the cop was wrong.’ 

A lawsuit recently filed by Mooney against the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and reviewed by the Miami New Times claims that just eight days after she appeared in Ramirez’s trial, she was arrested on bogus charges and savagely assaulted by several cops in jail afterwards.  

According to Mooney, she was arrested outside a Fort Lauderdale restaurant under the claim that she hadn’t paid her $63.57 bill, even though she had. A copy of the receipt is included in her lawsuit.

Mooney was charged with petty theft and child endangerment for handing her five-month-old baby to a stranger when she was approached by police. Both charges that were eventually dropped.

She claims that once at the police station, she confronted the officers over what she says was a false arrest, and asked for officer Amanda Moreno’s name and badge number. Mooney told Local 10 the officer’s hair was covering her badge so she tried moving her hair softly with just one finger.

That’s when, Mooney claims, she was thrown on the ground and savagely assaulted. Moreno allegedly ‘smashed her face’ on a fingerprinting machine and then ‘three or four’ officers jumped in and began kicking and punching her while she was on the ground.

‘I don’t know whether I lost consciousness or my body went into shock. I believe I had a footprint on my rib cage and cuts everywhere inside my mouth from just being brutalized,’ an emotional Mooney told ABC10.

The officers involved claim Mooney was yelling obscenities and took a swipe at Moreno, but Mooney’s attorney says video evidence from the jail cell discredits their account. 


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