(((Cabalists))) Deliberately Provoking Nuclear War?

henrymakow.com — March 3, 2018

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(Read this in context of recent US loosening US constraints on the use of nuclear weapons.)
In his March 1 speech, Putin issues a warning to the West. We have new weapons that can blow you away. Don’t mess with us.
Even with his anti-globalist pretenses, Trump and the West are proxies for the Rothschild NWO. 
The US is creeping up Russia’s ass in the Baltic and Ukraine, and doing Israel’s bidding in Syria.  US warships patrol the Black Sea. No other country would tolerate these provocations. Inevitably there will be a confrontation with Russia.
One commentator says Putin is “playing poker with an idiot.” But could this idiot actually want a nuclear war? Cabalist dogma suggests he does
 Trump is a known Cabalist (Freemason) who campaigned on a promise to defuse tensions with Russia and eschew gratuitous wars like Syria. His supporters don’t call him on his betrayal, while his opponents support it.
Our mainstream media now is as controlled than in Nazi Germany or the USSR. Cabalists create a solipsistic reality and draw the unsuspecting sheeple into it. They ignore Russia’s warnings.  As Willy B details below, Putin is pleading with the US to use common sense. But war is a boondoggle in the US. A rude awakening may be in store.

Putin: Listen to Russia Now

by Willy B — (henrymakow.com) 

Rusian President Vladimir Putin delivered his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly March 1 and while his lengthy remarks covered the gamut of policy issues in Russia, it was his remarks on nuclear policy and weapons that garnered headlines around the world.


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