Iran says will negotiate if West dismantles nuclear arsenal

Introduction — March 3, 2018

This is a smart move on Iran’s part.
How will the West respond to Iran’s answer to Western demands for negotiations over Iran’s missile program? We suspect that it won’t, at least not directly.
Iran has just exposed the hypocrisy of Western calls for negotiations over its missile program when most of the West is armed to the teeth with sophisticated missiles; many of which carry nuclear warheads too.
So why is the West calling for negotiations over Tehran’s missile development program? Is this to neutralise a possible threat to Israel?
Given that Iran’s missiles have a maximum range of little more than 2,000 that seems likely. When that puts most of western Europe beyond range but still leaves Tel Aviv and Israel within reach. Ed.

Iran says will negotiate if West dismantles nuclear arsenal

Associated Press — March 3, 2018

Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency is reporting that a top military commander says Iran will negotiate over its missile program if the U.S. and Europe dismantle their nuclear programs.

The Saturday report quotes armed forces spokesman Gen.Masoud Jazayeri as saying “The precondition for negotiation over Iran’s missiles is the dismantling of the U.S. and Europe’s nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.”

It is the first time that Iran has made the remarks. Iran says its missile program is a conventional one aimed at deterrence and self-defense and is not negotiable.

The Trump administration has been trying to persuade the European nations that negotiated the landmark nuclear deal with the Obama administration to accept side deals under which they would join the U.S. in re-imposing sanctions over Iran’s missile programs.