Victim Wars

Irish Savant — irishsavant.blogspot Feb 26, 2018

Regular readers of this blog will know that, paradoxical as it seems, I welcome the growth of identity politics. Yes, as of now White males are the only ones denied a place in the Victimhood Hierarchy, being as we are oppressors, and suffering as a result. But the more marginalised White men become the more they recognise the inherent unfairness and this in turn will surely foster a sense of their own identity. In addition, given that we’re in the ‘terror and virtue’ phase of the revolution the various victim identities will inevitably turn on one another, strutting like peacocks across the moral high ground even though they’re really just squabbling over the spoils.
No surprise then that the British Labour Party provides an incubator for the different flavors of the mentally insane to turn on each other. It started with the plan to impose 50 all-wimminz short-lists for parliamentary seats. But then women with big swinging dicks, in other words mentally ill men in dresses, decided to muscle in, demanding their share of the wimminz’ seats. Cue a massive war of words, lawsuits, the doxing  of opponents, threats of physical violence and finally the arrival of the police, sirens blaring.
Manjawed bullheaded extreme-left warpigs like Emma Salmon suddenly found themselves outflanked on the left by the transgenders, who accused her – wait for it – of being a Nazi no less. For someone who had built a career out of tarnishing opponents with same smear this must have come as a hell of a shock. Her liturgy of denunciation has been expropriated by the trannies and turned against her. Apparently ‘women of colour’ and Muslims have now discerned that they’re under-represented as well and are waging their own war for more seats.
As if this wasn’t enough the crime of ageism was added to the mix. Legendary second wave feminists Germain Greer and Margaret Atwood were deemed to be ‘dinosaurs’, to have ‘lost their marbles’ and were instructed to ‘listen, learn….and step aside’. One ‘journalist’ dismissed Greer by suggesting that ‘nobody under the age of 45 has heard of her’ and as ‘a burgundy-lipstick, bad highlights, second-wave feminist has-been. She DISGUSTS me!’.
Oh dear.
Like Hitler and Stalin the various identities can declare non-aggression pacts but sooner or later war will break out. We’re seeing the beginning of it now. On which point I notice that Diane Feinstein has failed to get the Democratic nomination in Mexico Norde California for another run at the Senate. No surprise that it’s gone instead to a Latino. So suck it up, bitch, your pet nation-wreckers have turned on you because Latinos, blacks and Asians are immune to Holocau$t™ sob-stories. They’ll support their own.
It’s my hope and belief that in due course White males will start doing the same.