The Light and the Darkness at the Turning of the Age

Visible Origami — Feb 26, 2018

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Like the Kalifornia Quake, it’s not a matter of if but of when. I do not wish to be an alarmist but I have to write about something (grin) and the pending quake on the Left Coast comes to my mind, unbidden, often. I used to have a dream where I was in Los Angeles. I was walking down the street when suddenly, I was filled with a sense of overwhelming dread. I noticed that everything had become quiet and still. No birds were singing. It was all silent. Nature was stilled. I could not possibly describe the way it all felt to me but suddenly I knew what was coming and I felt the Earth begin to move. I don’t recall anything after that. That could be very good or very bad but… it was a dream, yes? This life is also a dream, yes?
Suffice to say I have two great hesitations about living in Kalifornia. One of them is the cultural morass, the PC swamp and the tidal wave of new laws day after day and the other is The Big One. I know people who live in Kalifornia. I have good friends there. I would like to see everything in the world work out and… of course, it will …but not in the way that everyone hopes it will. That is the way it is, with the materialistic drive of self interest that is the hallmark of these times. The thing with self interest is that it GENERALLY goes contrary to someone elses self interest. That is the nature of self interest. It is a cannibal system that devours itself and eventually there is nothing left but the migrating mentally ill, ghouls, zombies and sundry. You can see it as a coming attraction in the films of the times. It is certainly there in the soundtracks, with the degradation of women… this is because of the coming emergence of the divine feminine in action and the inability to process her arrival accounts for the varieties of sexual… uh… ‘diversity’? I am sure that is not the word I am reaching for but so be it. It accounts for it whatever it is.
Then there is the worship of bling and the like, with false light luminaries like Jay-Z, Kanye and Floyd Mayweather, the Kardashians and all the Satanic foot-soldiers, who are made and maintained by the Prince of Darkness, for the purpose of being social icons, after which the mindless can pattern themselves, as the Gates of Doom creak open for the harvesting. This is literally true! This is why these aforementioned have tens of millions of followers at the various social media locations. A few days ago, Kylie the Bimbo announced that Snap Chat was not the right fit for her and their stock dropped by tens of millions of dollars.
You are each aware, by varying degrees, of the living light that resides within and depending on your level of awareness, do you remember and celebrate this at intervals relative to your level of awareness. At the deepest level it’s all math that creates, maintains and destroys everything. Love is the unique factor out of which all of the technical details come about. There are those who will argue that Reason is supreme. It has its place but LOVE is all in all and ever shall be.
Avatars do not come to the manifest plane to discourse on Reason. They discourse on Love and the higher and permanent archetypal qualities of Love. Philosophers come to discourse on Reason.
You are aware of the message that appears in the side mirrors of cars over recent decades; ‘Caution, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” This is how it is with the times in which we find ourselves. A sudden perfect storm can alter conditions nearly unrecognizable …and you may be sure there are groups of psychopaths working on this. Here is yet another product of Materialism; psychopaths.
Here is a rule of existence and physics; everything can potentially turn into its opposite; hot to cold, day to night… these are routine and definite conversions and there are many others. Then there are things like religions and governments; capitalism turns to fascism. Communism exists as a counterpoint to fascism and pretends to be anti-materialistic, anti-capitalism but it is just another phony construct where elites within the system have all the power and the swag and are merciless in the extreme. Everyone should read Solzhenitsyn and study the periods that followed the Russian Revolution. That tells you all you need to know about Communism.
Presently there is a multi-pronged attack that has been launched on Normal and every long enduring positive that had previously existed in the cultures of the present and past, certain traditions and shared morals, values and beliefs. They are all under the gun. In order to take a dictatorial control over a nation, it is necessary to first create a state of chaos, to break down the connectors and linchpins that held it all together. This is not to say there are not things that have been dramatically wrong with the world for some time. There seems to be a trend of unfairness that has been going on for generations. Once there were serfs in the field and slaves. They are still there. They call them different names now. The English hierarchy is near impenetrable to the lower classes, unless you are a big time entertainer or sports figure.
Around the world there is evidence of some few living very large and many at a starvation level. The truth about much of this is Karma. In any particular life, some are living large and some are desperate. The roles reverse the next time around. There are some who maintain a good state of affairs from life to life but these are the ones who are generous and who serve the lord of all things. Most of us would be stunned to learn of what really happens here. Regardless of what it looks like, it is fair across the board and just because someone is living it up at one time is no guarantee that they will not suffer commensurately the next time around. Unfortunately, few of us have the wide angle lens to see the bigger picture.
One could even say that what is happening now is precisely what is intended by the invisible hierarchy. We simply don’t see all the ins and out and ends of the process. The trials and tensions, the catastrophes and triumphs of this period are all a stage setting for the possibilities within each of us and the measure of our fate in how we respond to them. As a Chinese fellow once said, “character is fate.”
“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” just as with many events in the Event Horizon are not a matter of if but when. There is a particular caveat that doesn’t get mentioned much and that is the collective heart and mind of humanity and it is out of this that terrible things come and do not come. Much hinges on this. We are all responsible for our part in the dramas that do and do not take place. The most important feature of our existence is if we grasp the moment in any moment and make the ruler of all things the centerpiece of our lives. It is the manifest destiny of everyone of us whether we do or do not do this. A certain amount of tape remains in each of our cassettes in this go round. Time creeps incrementally along. We look back and it went by so fast. What did we do with our time?
It is not a question of what state the world is in, or what threatens in the rear view mirror, or the windshield ahead. It is how we respond to the challenges placed before us and which are not there by accident. There are no accidents. It is what it is, even though appearances are a lie we live in a world of appearances like a video game, all of which are based on some permutation of life. Once again it is math but Love triumphs over math. If you surrender that portion of yourself that is responsible for all of your errors, you will be in the hands of the one who will expeditiously, by the shortest route possible, take you out of the range and reach of your errors, both previous and future, expunged in the love of the one whose entire time of passage here was for the forgiveness of sins. We cannot in our human minds comprehend the extent of what this means. It is beyond our capacities.
There are those who say that Christ was never here, that it was a myth created by this faction and that faction. I am not here to argue about the historical Jesus, about which the truth can only be known by the dispensation of Providence. What I can say is that across the last two thousand years there are scores of individuals who are historically noted as having been Christed, who have done amazing things. There are those who have inspired generations and who lay the credit for it upon The Christ. The face of the world has been transformed over these centuries by a single individual. There have been others of course who have had a large impact but certainly the impact of a Christ, proven or not proven to be here, has been epic. Epic!
There is nothing in the teachings of The Christ, what little remains of them, amidst the plethora of bewildering translations, that I can make objection to. One could do far worse than following the teachings of The Christ and I assure the reader that a careful reading of the teachings and travels and events of the life of The Christ, in these times, will likely reveal truths that previously went unremarked.
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