The Most Expedient Way is when both Ends are Searching for Each Other

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Feb 25, 2018

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Good day my friends! It is my sincere hope that this finds you in good spirits and with a positive mindset for your moments ahead. Sometimes that makes all the difference between Joy and Despair.
We have reached that point in time in the cultural progression, as Materialism advances, where one is automatically rendered an outcast if they speak the truth. It’s hard for anyone to know what the truth is anymore but like the judge said about pornography; “I can’t tell you what it is but I know it when I see it.” One could say about the truth; “I can’t tell you what it is but I know it when I hear it.”
I have been a very lucky man in this life, despite all the hardship and heartbreak, because I have heard the truth from the lips of emissaries of God. I have read the truth. I have seen the truth, as it is in its luminous state behind the wall and thrall of appearances. I have heard it in the secret cloisters of my heart. I have noted how very shy it is. It creeps up on you and it is unmistakable but… if you are anything other than surrendered and non threatening, it will slip quickly away and seldom will entreaties bring it back again at that time. One has to achieve the real listening state, where none of the mind’s advertisements and restless seas of flotsam and jetsam coming and going, can overwhelm the clarity of the voice. Most people live in a disordered chaos in their minds and are pulled and pushed by appetites that give them no peace. Hunger is endless. Hunger like Love, in an entirely different manner, are a consuming fire. Never has a fire stopped burning from satiation over the amount of wood thrown on it. It will burn as long as there is fuel and environmental conditions are good. In other words, a good rainstorm will put a fire out.
Anything that one wants in their arsenal of expression must be exercised. Muscles must be exercised. The mind must be exercised and the heart and so many other things as well or they lose their capacity to operate at an optimum condition. We have seen what happens to people who do not exercise their minds and their hearts. We have seen those with little if any love in their heart and where that puts them in life. They might have money and power, influence and a wide reach of associates but they have nothing of value and experience teaches them this. It is a hard lesson.
Love is like a flame in the heart and we have all encountered others that have more than the usual amount of it. These are people who exercise their love. We have said it before. One can put a bellows in the heart and raise it to heights beyond what was previously known. Another means is to be inspired. We have all been inspired at times in our lives. Romantic love inspires us but that is only one form of Love and a pedestrian one at that when compared to the real capacity of love. Few are those among us who understand even a little of the reach and power and grandeur of Love. It is beyond measurement. It is beyond definition. We have heard that Love is God so, if that is true then the same amount of incomprehensibility and limitlessness that we ascribe to God must needs be assigned to Love.
One of the greatest gifts than anyone can possess is a knowing of what does and does not have value. We will not investigate here the litany of things and conditions that have no value except for temporary sensation and as a means of escape from ourselves. One thing I can say unequivocally is that Love is supreme among the acquisitions one can make and the earlier one learns this the better and the more one can exercise it in ALL conditions, the sooner one will become free of all conditions because Love is the master of all; not the one who possesses or channels it but the Love itself. At a certain point, Love becomes conscious. It might be that it always is but does not come to our attention as such because until a certain point, what is mistaken for love in the hearts of those unaware of its true nature is that it is always applied in a self serving manner and the highest expression of Love is found in sacrifice. That is what was demonstrated through the Lord Jesus Christ during this passing age and which will now be expressed in brotherhood, though sacrifice will always be attendant. Some Christians say, “Jesus Christ, same today, yesterday and forever. That is true.
The truth of anything becomes harder to see the more time and distance come between the cosmic expression of it and present time. At a certain point, dogma and cant take over. We are also at the turning of the age and so all of the long standing institutions, traditions and infrastructures are crumbling and being replaced by what is to come. This is why the world is awash in Satanic pursuits and agendas. This is why the New Age has become so prominent and where we as Gods have replaced God as God. After a fashion we are all God’s in the making but we are not God’s yet and nothing is worse than to go about pretending to be what you are not. You will be in for an awakening. This is why political correctness is expanding as a plague through the culture where the horrors of it have already been revealed in Communism, the Khmer Rouge and the French Revolution.
Stupidity does not improve on itself. As has been said, “there is no cure for stupid.” So it is that you see the reemergence of Communism where the proof of what it brings has been already amply demonstrated. Once again we have the uninformed seeking to get different results by doing the same thing.
If we are compelled to change the world we will see by turns how impossible and frustrating it is. One does not change the world. One can only change themselves and by doing so one most assuredly does change their world. There is no single world. Each of us is a mirror that projects our world and all of its meanings outward. Some things just don’t work and some things do. Some things that work are harder to perform than things that don’t work. The easier way most usually ends up in a swamp. This is the explanation of entropy and the saying, Nature unaided always fails.
People are going to tell you that The Theosophical Society is evil, or Satanic. They will say the same things about the Masons and although that may be more true than ever before it was not always so. These days there are people who believe that any organization you can speak of is evil. They believe that Madame Blavatsky and George Gurdjieff are evil. I honestly do not know the answer to that but I can say I have looked into these more deeply than those who reflexively term everyone and everything evil; that is what has happened to their mirror. I study everything and I take from everything what wisdom there may be to extract. What is of questionable value or irrelevant to me I leave where I found it. I do not divide the world into good and evil because I have personally observed each of them turn into the other at different times. I try to abide by the enternal maxim of mine which is, “I don’t know.” And in truth I do not but… any time I do need to know something it is made present for me.
My master, the man on the beach and the one who initiated me into whatever this is, kept saying, “I don’t know.” until I felt at the most visceral level that I did not know. If he didn’t know then I most certainly do not.
It’s a tough time to seek the truth and to speak the truth. The truth is not on anyone’s side. The truth does not accommodate itself to you. One must accommodate themselves to the truth and this requires giving up all of the egoistic postures that make us seem relevant to everyone else who is doing the same thing. You cannot tell the truth for profit but one can live by the gospel and the gospel will take care of them. When we put aside seeking personal gain we enter into a marvelous and hitherto unknown realm of understanding and we begin to comprehend something that was previously hidden from us. We see where Nature gives everything of herself and provides her bounty for all. We see where the sun shines without pause and is the source of all life which during its term of residence is frozen sunlight in extension. We see in our world examples of people serving in a blessed anonymity and we see that others see us too because we do not hide our light under a bushel. “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”
It is so simple but initially it is so hard and that is why so many turn away, never realizing that it becomes easier the more that we exercise it. Eventually it becomes effortless. This is what makes all the New Age poppycock so attractive to so many, it’s the easy way and they got an explanation for everything about how you can take all of your personal baggage with you and be a god or a goddess and get to hang out with all the others who are the same. I’ve seldom seen a new age system that did not outright steal its teachings from earlier legitimate sources and then reconstruct it to suit their needs.
Perhaps I am wrong about them. This is just what I have seen and not a route I plan to take because I have found that the hardest way is the simplest and easiest way. Perhaps I am wrong about that. Perhaps I am wrong in every sense but I will continue to search because I know someone is searching for me and the quickest expedition of the whole affair is when both ends are searching for each other.
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