A Wakanda wild side

Irish Savant — Feb 19, 2018


Have you ever seen anything like the carefully-orchestrated hype surrounding Black Panther? The uniformity and obsequiousness of the reaction would have made Stalin blush, making Pravda‘s responses to his speeches forensically hostile by comparison.  It is of course all part of the Magic Numinous Negro Project, the objective of which is to make blacks seem like the best breeding material for shiksas and ultimately blend Whites out of existence.
But what really blows my mind is the reaction of African-Americans. They, in some unfathomable dimension, seem to think Wakanda is real and take immense pride in it. I kid you not. The following are from a representative sample of journalists and ‘academics’.
“An Afro-futuristic reality an idyllic, technically advanced and regally organized African society.”
“This is a society that remains perfect because it has wisely been kept secret from the greed and cruelty of the “colonizers,” as the Wakandans call the people of the West.”
“Meanwhile in Shuri, we see the infinite possibilities of our girls, who can be, do and invent anything when given the tools, the technological playground and the access to black girl joy.”
“And so I drank up Wakanda like a tall, cool drink. And I felt proud.”
Sweet Jesus, they can’t really think it’s real, can they? If so they perfectly meet the clinical definition of psychotic. The irony is that Wakanda itself is the creation of writers, designers, digital artists, software developers and special effects professionals of whom probably 90% are White, the remainder Asians. Any blacks involved would just have brought the coffee.
Apart from black pride the project has greatly enhanced black cohesiveness and sense of identity. I gather that black-only screenings are taking place all over America and Whites feel frozen out in mixed-race audiences. Identity politics on steroids. And that’s good. Identity politics is good for Whites even though – in fact because – right now we’re the only race that doesn’t self-identify. But that’s changing as we get marginalised, mocked, devalued, discriminated against and programmed into believing that inferior races are our betters…..in our own countries, the ones carved out by our ancestors for us, their descendants.
A closing thought. Maybe there is a Wakanda after all. Built by blacks, never colonised and ruled by these ingenious Africans since its foundations hundreds of years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the First Wakanda.
Addendum: I have done a comprehensive analysis of the IMDB database of reviews by ordinary film-goers. With a few exceptions these have been tepid at best, downright negative at worst. What’s more many White viewers saw through the film’s blatant racial theme, the Stalinist uniformity of the ‘professional’ reviewers, and that as such it’s part of a wider anti-White programme. (((They))) have unwittingly further undermined the dwindling credibility of mainstream ‘news’ sources.



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