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The Saker — Feb 20, 2018

Globalism cartoon

by Irinia Medvedva, Tatyana Shishova

‘Nash sovremennik’ 11, 2001 (source: http://www.patriotica.ru/enemy/medv_glob.html)

An English translation of the original article by Irinia Medvedva and Tatyana Shishova can read in full here, while Edvin Buday’s more recent footnote features below.
Medvedva and Shishova’s 2001 article concludes:
“…Recently, we conversed with an American political scientist. He spoke about the horrific consequences of the globalist project, including for its own creators.
— “But what, then, is their logic?” — we wondered. — “Why did they think this up?”
— “It’s not worth it to look for human logic in the actions of Satanists and degenerates”, — the American answered. — “Their logic is different, it’s their own. And it is, as the doctors say, “incompatible with life”.”

Afterword: the logic of globalism seventeen years on

It is clear that the world has changed significantly from the times in which Medvedeva and Shishova wrote. It is important to understand, that Russia of early 2001 was radically different from the Russia of the last few years. Indeed, it seemed as if the country was slowly crawling back up from the brink after the Asia Crisis and the resulting deficit, and although some doubted several decisions that were taken by president Yeltsin in his second term, it seemed as if Russia was, at long last, “becoming a normal country” (to cite Andrei Shleifer’s 2005 book). However, as time would go on to show, the course of the country, as well as that of the entire world, was to change radically in a direction that the globalists would rather not have seen. Therefore, I consider it important to examine the developments of the last seventeen years, both in Russia and the wider world. I will examine each of the main points made by the authors and evaluate their current manifestations in the world.
Although the euro has become the main currency for a large part of the world, we have still not seen the introduction of an absolutely universal, global payment system. The closest thing we have to that is the SWIFT system, which is employed as a threat against Russia and any other country that dares not to toe the globalist line. However, the Russian Federation has recently found itself in a leading role against financial monopolies and related fiscal bullying. As a matter of fact, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich recently declared that Russian banks are ready to work with an alternative to SWIFT if the need arises. Other financial and economic developments of note are continued Eurasian integration and the formation of a Eurasian Economic Union as a counterweight against the globalist EU and WTO, the latter of which Russia might leave over sanction rows. Lastly, we have seen continuing economic cooperation between Russia and partners such as China, India, Iran, Pakistan, South-East Asian and African nations. Continued Russo-Chinese economic cooperation even led to a sale of Russian government bonds in Yuan. Lastly, the despicable regime of sanctions against the Russian Federation and its citizens have shown the world how low the globalists will stoop in order to silence any and all opposition. As a result, Russia has experienced a new wave of support from anti-globalists all over the world as they rally under the flag of the bear.
Thankfully, the mass sale of Russian land to foreign businessmen and governments has not come to pass. Although there are worries about Chinese colonisation attempts in the Russian Far East, there have as of yet not been any massive sell-offs of land to foreign investors. Lastly, the major influx of refugees and immigrants into Russia has not taken place. Although there are many labourers from Central Asia in Western Russia, they are mostly there for remittances and usually do not place down long-term roots.
One of the major blows struck against globalism in Russia are renewed and strengthened laws against gay propaganda, sexual ‘minorities’, paedophilia, and pederasty. What is more, Russia has seen a strong increase in the influence of the Orthodox Church, which by itself is doing a great deal to prevent Western and globalist perversion of the Russian people and youth. Sadly, abortions are still easily available. As a result, the demographic crisis facing Russia is still severe, although government investments and policies might have blunted the crisis somewhat. Whatever the case may be, Russia is sure to go down fighting and will not let the globalists walk over it without a struggle.
On the educational front, the proposed reforms turned out to have been significantly less damaging (and they were also much less widely implemented) than was first thought. Recently, Russian elites have started constructing their own schools for their children. What is more, the Russian government has pursued successive policies to improve both the general level of education and imbue Russian schoolchildren with a strong patriotic spirit. These decisions have, of course, come under heavy fire from globalist watchdogs (read: lackeys), but this has not stopped the government in pushing through. The slow disappearance of liberal and globalist voices from Russian national discourse is also a very welcome development. Instrumental in this change was the Law on Foreign Agents, which requires any organisation that receives foreign donations and engages in political activity to register as a foreign agent. All these changes caused the Soroses and Attalis of this world great consternation, and their trolls were quick to condemn Russia as a ‘new dictatorship’.
In general, the nightmarish future described by Medvedva and Shishova in 2001 has not come to pass in Russia. However, this does not mean that the country has nothing to be worried about. The demographic crisis continues to be a problem, and fifth and sixth columns continue to actively operate, both inside and outside of government. All in all, Russia does have a chance to permanently escape the globalist system and prevent the creation of a unipolar world order, but it will require all of its efforts, intelligence, and strength (as well as a dose of luck) to do so.
We can now turn to the rest of the world. In general, globalism saw significant successes in the early 00’s, only for those successes to turn into a string of defeats all over the world. The American empire rumbled forward into the deserts of the Middle East to create the necessary “local conflicts” that would drive great amounts of rootless refugees all over the world. However, as historical laws would have it, all was not well for the eagle. Uncontrolled speculation led to a housing bubble which spectacularly burst. Although this was an opportunity for the globalists to rejigger their structures and put a new, even more transnational government in place in the US, the crisis put an enormous amount of strain on the world’s financial systems and slowed America down by a couple of notches. However, the supporters of the New World Order could not afford to have their plans hit a delay and pushed forward with renewed vigour.
The new plan was to destabilise the remaining Middle Eastern regimes that were friendly to Russia and China, primarily Libya and Syria. Thus, the US and co launched expensive, highly complex destabilising operations in the countries under the codename of the Arab Spring. Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq were plunged into devastating civil wars with horrendous civilian and military casualties. It seemed that the globalists’ plan had worked. However, the powers that be had not accounted for one small thing: that the world can only take so much hypocrisy before it snaps. The US’ and EU’s actions in the Middle-East had finally shown how untrustworthy and ruthless these globalist pawns were, and the more or less sovereign nations of the world (Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, and several others) began to settle their own affairs. And this is where the eagle started to choke.
It choked on Crimea, which it couldn’t start a war to reclaim. It choked in the South China Sea, as it couldn’t directly assault China and avoid crippling trade damage. It choked on the Philippines, were a president said no to the American fuelled drug wars. It choked on Venezuela, which started to untangle itself from US interests. It choked on Brexit, as it couldn’t stop the UK’s departure from the sinking EU, no matter how many stories of economic and political chaos it threw against the Brits. It choked on Syria, as Russia launched an intervention of its own and crushed ISIS. It choked on Iran, which, when it came under threat of renewed US imperialism, rejected the propaganda package that was the nuclear deal. It choked on the populist movements in Europe, which blamed America for many of the troubles that Europeans are facing today. It choked on North Korea, which decided to make overtures to its long estranged southern brother without US mediation. Lastly, the eagle choked on something else entirely: domestic opposition and a non-globalist leader, despite the insane, multi-billion-dollar efforts of the globalist political establishment, the country’s economic sector, universities, and the media. Although Trump has shown himself to be far weaker on many issues, he remains an important wrench in the gears of globalist planning.
Although the eagle might be choking on the massive bone that is the emergent multipolar world order, it is far from dead. Indeed, it might not be as dangerous when it is fit and fiery, but rather when it is in its death throes. And even after its death we must be careful. The thing about globalists is that they are truly international: no matter where they end up, they always manage to twist the local population to fit their needs, make local inhabitants dance to their tunes. This is the result of their being utterly divorced from all reality, but also from all philosophies and religions. These intellectual chameleons do not care what puppets they control one moment, for they will just as easily change colours and drift over to another group. This is not to say that they are invincible, far from it. Globalists still remain flesh and blood (at least, for the time being), and everyone can bleed. Everyone can die. Everyone can be conquered. And by the grace of God, we will prevent the nightmare of Medvedeva and Shishova from ever coming to pass, and we will conquer.
Edvin Buday