CIA’s Jackie Kennedy Flirted with LBJ After Assassination — Feb 19, 2018

LBJ, Jackie Kennedy and JFK. Click to enlarge

LBJ, Jackie Kennedy and JFK. Click to enlarge

Listen to Jackie Kennedy flirt with the man she believed killed her husband, just months after the assassination. It lends credibility to the little-known claim, that Jackie Kennedy was a CIA agent. 
Some even believe she was implicated in the assassination.
“On June 21, 1942, [Jackie’s mother] Janet married Hugh Auchincloss-a close friend of the Rockefellers, Morgans, and the Dulles Brothers. That meant that Auchincloss was now the stepfather of Jacqueline and Caroline Lee Bouvier. It was Auchincloss who recommended Jackie O for the position of the first female spy in the newly created CIA.”
“Jackie was the most mercenary person I’ve ever met. She thinks, talks, and dreams of money, nothing but money. The joke is I would have given her fifty times what I gave her for the pleasure of never having to see her again. What amazes me is that she survives while everyone around her drops. She’s dangerous, she’s deadly.” Christina Onassis (Wright, All the Pain That Money Can Buy, p. 210).
[Disclaimer- I realize this report is far from complete but it certainly opens new doors for investigation.}
Partial Source- Jane Bond by Patrick Scrivener

From “Buddy Silver” — (Excerpts by 

Jackie and Lyndon Johnson were in collusion. They had something in common: they had both been pushed out of the loop of John F. Kennedy’s personal life. Perhaps their bitterness caused them to come to an agreement to aid each other in removing the source. LBJ was aware that Republicans wanted to look into his possible bribe-taking, and Jackie was undoubtedly aware that her husband’s tryst with a possible communist spy, Ellen Rometsch. (As well as his secret marriage to Durie Malcolm) was about to become public knowledge.
Tape-recorded phone calls between LBJ and Jackie from shortly after the assassination reveal an over-familiarity on LBJ’s part that could possibly stem from his knowledge of her role on that fateful day in Dallas. It sounds like he was using it for all it was worth to coerce Jackie into a more intimate relationship with him. Jackie reportedly did not know she was being recorded but seems to take care in choosing her responses, perhaps due to CIA training and political savvy.


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