Sheriff Scott Israel: Confirmed Liar and Manipulator

News Brief — Feb 18, 2018

sheriff Scott Israel

We are obviously not being told the full story of what happened at Parkland High School shooting. Several eyewitness accounts have emerged that differ from the official version of events; with reports of multiple gunmen and pupils being told of a scheduled drill before the actual shooting took place.
If something other than what we’ve been told did actually happen at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School then the authorities would necessarily be complicit. That being the case those individuals involved would have to be morally compromised to collude in whatever happened.
This is where Broward Sheriff’s office comes in. Because by their own admission the local law enforcement office answered 20 calls about gunman Nicolas Cruz over the past few years. These included calls from Parkland High School security personnel who contacted the sheriff’s office after Cruz was expelled.
So Nicolas Cruz was already a ‘person of interest’ even before the school shooting.
All of this makes Sheriff Scott Israel a key individual and as the following video illustrates, there is good reason to call into question the integrity of the Broward Sheriff. Because it appears that Sheriff Scott Israel is well versed in using lies and deception to manipulate others.
Did they play a part in Scott Israel’s promotion to Broward Sheriff? Or was the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High selected as the site for America’s latest mass shooting precisely because it fell within Sheriff Scott Israel’s jurisdiction, and those planning it knew they could count on his cooperation in their plan?