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Introduction — Feb 18, 2018

Brendan and Jo Cox pictured outside Number 10 Downing Street. Click to enlarge

Brendan and Jo Cox pictured outside Number 10 Downing Street. Click to enlarge

From the outset we had our doubts about Jo Cox’s alleged “murder”. The facts didn’t add up. CCTV footage and police accounts didn’t match. Eyewitnesses contradicted each other and the “murder” of a prominent Remain campaigner on the eve of the vote on whether Britain stayed in the European Union or not seemed timed to swing the vote for the Remain campaign.
If her alleged “murder” was indeed staged then her family would be in on the ruse. That would obviously include her husband, Brendan Cox, calling into question his integrity.
Adding weight to those questions, it now transpires that Brendan Cox is a serial sex pest who on one occasion “grabbed a woman by the throat” as he tried to force himself on her.
What does this say about Brendan Cox and by extension the woman who married him, Jo Cox?
It is worth recalling that prior to her alleged death Jo Cox had been calling for the Syrian White Helmets to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course we now know that the White Helmets are a propaganda outfit used to demonise President Assad and his allies.
Set up by a Sandhurst trained private military contractor James Le Mesurier, the White Helmets are known to have closely cooperated with known terrorist outfits like al Qaeda and Al Nusra.
Yet shortly before her alleged “death” Remain campaigner and liberal activist Jo Cox was calling for them to be awarded the Nobel Prize. What does that say about Jo Cox? All the more so now that her husband has been exposed as a serial sex molester? Ed.

Jo Cox’s husband Brendan confesses to inappropriate behaviour amid new allegation that he drunkenly ‘grabbed a woman by the throat’ as he is forced to quit the murdered MP’s charities

Simon Walters — Daily Mail Feb 17, 2018

The husband of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox last night sensationally admitted to being a sex pest – and quit two charities he set up in her name.

Weeping openly, Brendan Cox apologised for the ‘hurt and offence’ he has caused to women and said that he was ‘deeply apologetic’ for his behaviour.

In a highly emotional interview with The Mail on Sunday, he dramatically announced his immediate resignation from the Jo Cox Foundation and More In Common – the charities he launched to honour the memory of his wife.

His confession came as this newspaper uncovered shocking new details of a second sexual assault he allegedly committed.

The accusation relates to his time with Save The Children in the year before his wife was (allegedly, Ed.) killed by a far-right fanatic during the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign.

It is claimed that Mr Cox drunkenly harassed a female employee at the charity in London, forcing her against a wall outside a bar, holding her by the throat and telling her: ‘I want to f*** you.’

The incident led to him being forced to leave the charity in 2015. Save The Children’s chief executive Justin Forsyth, a close friend of Mr Cox and former aide to Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown resigned four months later.

Astonishingly, one month after Mr Cox left the charity, a senior female US Government official told police Mr Cox had carried out a similar alleged assault on her at Harvard University in America – as this newspaper revealed last week. The woman was unaware of the Save The Children incident at the time.

In another development, it emerged yesterday that Mr Forsyth was also the subject of a complaint by a female employee. It related to an ‘inappropriate comment’ he allegedly made. The complaint was investigated and said to have been resolved ‘by consensus’.

Insiders insist Mr Forsyth’s subsequent departure from the charity had nothing to do with the complaint against him, nor the handling of the Cox scandal. Mr Forsyth was then appointed deputy executive director of Unicef in New York, a post he still holds.

A Save The Children source said: ‘Brendan and Justin were a formidable double act. But they were too big for their boots.’

The disclosures will fuel the current controversy over charity sex scandals and cover-ups.

Mr Cox said in a statement to this newspaper: ‘I accept I have made mistakes, behaved badly and caused some women hurt and offence. I take responsibility for what I have done. I apologise unreservedly for my past behaviour and am committed to holding myself to much higher standards of personal conduct in the future.’

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