Enlightenment in the kindergarten: CDU wants to stop brochure for educators

MSN News (Germany) — Feb 16, 2018 (Machine translation)

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 A brochure for kindergarten teachers on sexual diversity is causing debate in Berlin. The CDU faction wants to reach the House of Representatives, that the magazine is stopped. The brochure “Murat plays Princess, Alex has two mothers and Sophie is now called Ben” is to be distributed to Berlin day care centers, as a spokeswoman for the Senate Education Administration said on Friday.

2000 copies for 2500 daycare centers.

For example, on about 140 pages, the authors describe how educators can take into account that the gender of some children is not clearly male or female. It’s also about boys and girls who, according to their feelings, grow up in the wrong body. Or children who have two wives or two husbands as parents.

The brochure is not aimed at children, but is a subject information for educators, said the spokeswoman. “Educators have to deal with these issues in everyday life and of course you have to provide them with technical information.” Around 2000 copies were printed and are to be distributed to the approximately 2500 daycare centers.

Criticism of CDU and AfD

The CDU Group wants to prevent this with a request on Thursday. “Issues of sexual and gender diversity are not in the Berlin day care centers,” said fraction leader Florian Graf the newspapers “B.Z.” and “Bild”. “The little children who are being cared for there should be allowed to be children without being confronted with questions of sexual identity in recent years.”

The AfD faction criticized the booklet as a waste of money: “Such early childhood sexual education subordinates the best interests of the child to an ideologically motivated vision of a new society.” Homosexual and transsexual lifestyles are “tolerable”. That means to understand something as “abnormal“, but to tolerate. “The norm is clearly the reproductive relationship between men and women.” The Brandenburg AFD faction had criticized the brochure, as the rbb reported.

“I’ve always been a girl, only the penis is wrong”

“It is frightening how similar CDU and AfD argue,” said the spokeswoman for the Senate Education Administration. That stifles prejudice and is not appropriate at all. She wondered if the CDU demanded a retraining prohibition for educators. Since the SPD, the Greens and the Left in the House of Representatives make the majority, the request of the opposition CDU should have little chance.

The brochure was prepared by the Senate Education Administration, the socio-pedagogical training institute Berlin-Brandenburg and the initiative Queerformat. In it, for example, a 9-year-old child says: “I’ve always been a girl because only the penis is wrong.” It’s also about which books choose educators for their Kita. And a mother tells about the experiences of her intersex child.

In the birth register there is only the norm

According to the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, it is unclear how many people are intersex, ie they have no biologically distinct sexual characteristics. The estimates varied from 8,000 to 120,000 people, it says online. There are also people who do not want to associate themselves with a gender.

The Federal Constitutional Court had ruled in November that it is not done in the birth register with the categories male and female. A third option such as “inter” or “divers” is up for debate – or the entry of the gender could completely disappear. (AP)


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