Nicolas Cruz On Youtube: “I’m Going to be a Professional School Shooter” FBI Was Warned

By Geri Ungurean — Feb 15, 2018

Florida school gunman threat

Back in September of 2016, the FBI was deeply involved in their illegal surveillance of Donald Trump during his campaign. That same month the owner of a Youtube channel alerted the FBI that a person named Nicolas Cruz posted this: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” 

The owner of the Youtube channel, known as Ben the Bondsman, tells about this posting and how he immediately contacted his local FBI:

My heart breaks for the families who lost their loved ones.  If the FBI had been doing what they are paid to do, and truly investigated Nicolas Cruz, perhaps the victims of this horrific shooting would still be with us today.

All the signs were there

It is coming out that this troubled teen was expelled from his school and was told that he was not allowed on the school property with a back pack. Sources are also saying that Cruz was an ISIS sympathizer; followed CAIR on his FB, and also proudly displayed pictures of his many guns on his FB page.

Heads Should Roll at the FBI

This goes beyond tragic. This is criminal.  Many top officials of our  Federal Bureau of Investigation would rather be spying on a political candidate than thoroughly investigating a person who displayed all the signs of a mass shooter. Now, 17 people have lost their lives.


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