Parkland Florida High School Shooting: Three Students have testified there were multiple shooters

Yet no mainstream media outlet has picked it up.

It’s Happening — Feb 15, 2018

Three students have testified on camera saying there were at least two shooters. One eyewitness even claiming there were three shooters. ONE NBC news affiliate that’s not even from Florida gathered two of the three interviews you will see in this article. KPRC Channel 2 is a Houston based NBC news affiliate that just happened to be covering the Houston Astros Spring Training in Florida when they got the call to cover the Stone Douglas HS shooting. They are from out of town and are gathering more news than any major local outlet.

KPRC Channel 2 was able to get this interview with a student who said the shooter was taunting students to come out while they were hidden in classrooms.

Student says multiple shooters were involved blocking the only two exits from each side of the building. The shooters started on the first floor and worked their way up to the third floor. One brave teacher was shot in the head while trying to defend students and the other was shot in the arm while opening the door for students to hide.

Another student, named Kenneth Anthony confirms the first eyewitness account mentioning multiple shooters to DNN in a quick interview as he fled the scene.

Alexa Miednik, a senior at Stonemen Douglas HS added to two other testimonies from students who believe Nicholas Cruz WAS NOT the lone gunman. Alexa confirmed there were multiple shooters when she testified she was actually With the suspect Nicholas Cruz while other gunshots were going off on the other side of the building.

Ironically Alexa joked to Nicholas Cruz “I’m surprised it’s  not you”,  not knowing he was one of the gunman.


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