A Defence of Marriage for Valentine’s Day

henrymakow.com — Feb 14, 2-18

Parents giving children piggyback rides

Parents giving children piggyback rides

“Media culture provides no good role models for married couples. Hyper-feminism has trained a generation of women to be terrible wives. This has produced a lot of immature men that don’t understand the responsibilities of being good husbands. It’s hard, but the benefits of a good marriage are certainly worth it, not only for yourselves but for the children you need to raise.”

Source: Return of Kings 

by David Garrett

David Garrett is a husband, father, engineer, and deplorable defender of western civilization.
Western civilization was built upon three pillars: marriage, Christianity, and family. All three are under assault by Western governments, public and private education, the media, and the entertainment industry. The consistently negative portrayals of marriage in the entertainment industry are giving young people a skewed perception of marriage that is contributing to the decline in marriage rates in western countries.
This is unfortunate because study after study shows that people–men especially–are happier when married. Children fare much better when raised in a stable household by a married heterosexual couple.

Married Sex Is The Best Sex

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