Kelly “Taken Out” By Assassination Team

Michael Shrimpton, a appeared on the US Alex Jones Radio Show yesterday evening (morning, US time), and asserted that Dr David Kelly, who was found “dead in the woods” last July, did not commit suicide as claimed in the Hutton Report, but was taken out by a team of assassins brought in from abroad.

Dr David Kelly became embroiled in a cauldron of government disapproval, after he spoke off the record to Andrew Gilligan, a BBC radio journalist. Kelly allegedly accused the British government of “sexing up” the case for war. Two days after being hauled before a parliamentary committee to account for his actions, his body was found in a copse two miles from his home.

The official scenario has always been that this top British microbiolgist walked to the wood, took his own life by slashing his left wrist, swallowing a number of pills and lying down to die. But Shrimpton has now gone on record as saying that contacts in British and US intelligence have informed him that Kelly was, in fact, murdered – most probably by a team of ex-Mukharabat Iraqi assassins brought in from Damascus via Corsica, organised by the French external intelligence agency, the DGSE.

The British lawyer pointed out that the amount of Co-Proxamol found in Kelly’s blood was less than a third of what is normally considered a fatal amount. Out of the 29 tablets found to be missing from the blister packs in Kelly’s pockets, only one-fifth of a tablet was found in his stomach. Some reports, he said, have loosely suggested that Kelly’s wrists (plural) were found to be slashed. However in truth only one wrist was slashed, and only one artery, the less accessible ulnar artery, was severed. The most reliable account of blood at the scene probably came from the paramedics, who were astonished to find very little blood around, considering the primary cause of death was said to be haemorrhage from the wrist wound.

The most likely method by which Kelly was murdered, said Shrimpton, was by an intravenous injection of Co-Proxamol together with approximately 30mg of succinyl choline. The last substance is a muscle relaxant which would cause cessation of breathing. No trace would be found by a toxicologist, as succinyl choline breaks down into natural substances which would not arouse suspicion. A slash to the wrist would have disguised any puncture wound.

Alex Jones asked Shrimpton to characterize his contacts with intelligence and relay the information he had gleaned with regard to Kelly’s death. Shrimpton pointed out that it is common to use sister agencies in other countries to carry out operations on home soil. Thus while the orders to assassinate David Kelly came from within Whitehall, the agency used was probably French. Various methods are used to avert blame for murders perpetrated for political reasons said Shrimpton: blame an opponent, blame a terrorist organisation, blame another agency, blame a lone “crazed” assassin, blame an accident, or call it “suicide”. Dressing murder up to look like suicide is possibly the most difficult method.

The motive for the murder of Dr Kelly was unclear said Shrimpton. It may have been that he had acquired knowledge in the weeks before his death which made it imperative that he was silenced.

To date, the possibility that Dr Kelly was murdered has barely been mentioned in the mainstream British media. It is thought that the media conglomerates wish to keep Tony Blair in power for his pro-Europe stance. Michael Shrimpton hopes, by speaking out now, to encourage the British press to investigate the details of Dr Kelly’s death for themselves and have the courage to print the story.

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