Feminist Icon was Insane – says her Sister

henrymakow.com — Feb 10, 2018

TIME-MILLETTFeminist icon Kate Millett passed away last September at the age of 82. Her 1970 book Sexual Politics, called “the Bible of Women’s Liberation by the New York Times, launched Millett as what the Times called “a defining architect of second-wave feminism.” In a cover story that same year, TIME magazine crowned her “the Mao Tse-tung of Women’s Liberation.” 
Kate’s younger sister Mallory, a CFO for several corporations, resides in New York City with her husband of over twenty years. In a recent interview with Mark Tapson, this brilliant, articulate and outspoken woman exposes her sister’s lifelong mental illness and scathingly dissects feminism’s satanic agenda. 
“Kate was mentally ill for as long as I remember…Kate’s life story is a saga of our family desperately trying to have her involuntarily received into a mental institution where they may have helped her. 
“My thesis is this: when men ran the world and women ran society we had a chance to conduct our lives in some semblance of balance, but women have abdicated their running of society and thus, it has collapsed dramatically.”
Makow: Nutcases like Kate Millet are empowered by the Masonic Jewish bankers and media to destroy the social fabric. See also: Betty Friedan-How Jewish Dysfunction became Universal    AND Shulameth Firestone-Death of a Feminist. Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are subversive forces in the most profound sense. In a satanic cult, sick is healthy. That’s why these very sick women are given prophet status. 
Source: Front Page Mag

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Mallory Millett

MTCan you tell us a bit about Kate’s mental instability, and if you think it had anything to do with her radicalism? Or vice versa – do you think her radicalism affected her mental state?
MM: Kate was mentally ill for as long as I remember. She was five when I was born and our elder sister Sally says that once I arrived, Kate was hanging over my bassinet plotting my murder. We shared a bedroom from my birth. From my earliest memory, I recall trembling from the vibrations of her insanity. She was the most disturbed, megalomaniacal, evil and dishonest person I have ever known. She tried to kill me so many times that it’s now an enormous blur of traumatizing horrors. She was a sadist, a torturer, a deeply-engrained bully who took immense pleasure in hurting others. Incorrigible and ruthless, she was expelled multiple times from every school she attended. I spent my childhood with heart hammering as I tiptoed through the house so as not to be noticed by the dreadful Kate. Our mother was helpless, paralyzed with terror in the face of Kate.

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