The Dawn of the Feminist Police State — Feb 9, 2018

Donald Trump
(Trump aide Rob Porter, credited with helping to draft the State Of the Union address resigned Friday after ex-wives complained of abuse. If he had punched a man, or a wife punched him, it would be ignored. Why the double standard?)
This article which appeared 15 years ago is particularly prescient now that every day another man’s career is ruined over some roughhousing or unwanted kisses that occurred a decade ago.  A Feminist/Talmudic/Communist witch-hunt has been launched in the name of female sanctity. Our Communist money masters will exploit any excuse to intrude into our private lives. 
There are laws that cover assault. Women are not helpless victims. There is no need for vigilante justice based on unwritten laws (“inappropriate behavior”,”sexual misconduct.”) 
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Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?

By Henry Makow Ph.D. — Updated from August 23, 2003

In 1931, Clark Gable’s acting career took off after he decked Barbara Stanwyck in the movie Night Nurse. He got 10,000 fan letters from breathless females.
Grapefruit-james_cagney-mae_clark21aIn the same year, in the movie The Public Enemy, James Cagney got tired of his girlfriend’s constant complaints and smashed a grapefruit in her face. Women ate it up. They want strong men.
In the opening scenes of The Philadelphia Story (1940), Cary Grant is leaving his wife played by Katherine Hepburn. She breaks his favorite golf club over her knee. He reacts by throwing her to the ground. The 1940’s audience thought nothing of it.
But today, Katherine Hepburn, or a neighbor, could call the police and have Cary Grant arrested for “domestic assault.” Today no man can annoy a woman, let alone leave her, for fear of charges (real or false) that may result in jail, legal bills, and the loss of family, property and even job.
Today male and female superheroes routinely slug it out on the big screen but if ordinary men and women so much as shove, they can be arrested for “domestic assault.”
Men risk jail, legal bills, and the loss of family, house, and job if they so much as argue with a woman.
This is the result of the widespread “zero tolerance” policy which defines domestic assault as any physical contact, no matter how innocuous. The charge is laid by the state even if no harm has been done.
Ostensibly this policy protects women but its real purpose is to emasculate men and persecute heterosexuals. It’s another front in the Rockefeller-based elite’s campaign to degrade society, destroy the family and decrease population by making heterosexuality unworkable.


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