Mushroomland: The Mysterious Story Behind a Creepy YouTube Channel

Vigilant Citizen — Feb 8, 2018


KrainaGrzybowTV (English translation: Mushroomland) is a bizarre YouTube channel that has become a viral sensation in its native Poland and across the world. This is the disturbing story behind it.
Warning: This article addresses disturbing subject matters.
I remember when I first randomly came across an episode of KrainaGrzybowTV. After about 45 seconds into it, I yelled out “NOPE”, closed my browser, and almost threw my computer out of the window. A few months later, a VC reader sent me a summary of the series and its disturbing symbolism. So I sat down and watch the entire thing. The experience left me feeling nauseated and thoroughly creeped out.
Each episode of Mushroomland is styled to look like an 80’s children’s TV show from Eastern Europe. The host of the show is Agatha, a young girl that has paper eyes over her actual eyes. Each episode begins with an “educational” theme (i.e. “How to Apple”), which then turns into a bizarre, confusing, and terrifying ordeal. Throughout the episodes, we learn that Agatha has actually been abducted by strange men and sent to a mysterious place called Mushroomland.
Rainbowland episodes were published on YouTube between 2013 and 2017, with each episode describing a different aspect of Agatha’s ordeal. The channel quickly became a viral sensation and garnered over 3 million views, a cult following … and some controversy.
“Throughout the second half of 2014 Krzysztof Osiejuk, a right-wing publicist, claimed in a series of articles that KrainaGrzybowTV is the “most profound incarnation of pure satanism” he had ever encountered.
In December 2014, after a tragedy in Rakowice (Poland), where a young poet and her boyfriend murdered said boyfriend’s parents, Osiejuk pointed out that the girl (as analysis of her Facebook profile showed) was a KGTV fan, which led him to believe her actions might have been influenced by the YouTube channel.
– Know Your Meme, KrainaGrzybowTV
Various theories have attempted to decode the meaning behind these bizarre videos. In some episodes, people saw references to an atomic war.
The rise of the “Atomic theory” happened to coincide with the Ukrainian Revolution and several other Eastern European political issues (like Putin’s ban on polish apples), which became the fuel for conspiracies enthusiasts who saw KGTV’s videos as a deliberately coded warning for a planned atomic war. This theory was also inspired by KGTV’s own (often cryptic and nonsensical) responses to some of the comments on their fanpage, which sometimes contained geographic coordinates and radio frequencies. Some users have as gone as far as sending baits to KGTV, as well as people suspected to be the authors (for example Marcus Molibdenus, see below), in order to get their IP addresses and pinpoint their location. The results were inconclusive however, as various attempts produced different outcomes pointing the location to several Ukrainian, Polish and Italian cities.
– Ibid.
Other theories claim that Rainbowland is about Agatha taking hallucinogenic drugs (i.e. mushrooms) or being possessed by a demon. Others believe that the entire thing has no meaning, that it is pure nonsense and that it is just a viral marketing campaign to sell products (the soundtrack and related merchandise).
While all of these theories are probably partially true, there is much more going on in Rainbowland videos. Each episode is packed with seemingly random images that actually make sense when one understands their underlying concept: Trauma-based mind control.
Also known as Monarch Programming, the aim of trauma-based mind control is to expose victims to trauma so intense (through abuse, drugs, torture, etc.) that it causes them to dissociate from reality. While in this vulnerable state, handlers program new alter personas into the minds of their victims that can be triggered at will (for more information on Monarch Programming, read the full article here). This is exactly what happens to Agatha in Rainbowland.

Episode 1: How to Apple

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