What’s any of This got to do with That?

Smoking Mirrors – December 22, 2010

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Well, maybe it’s time for a general mea culpa of sorts along with various bits of evidence that might help in the general understanding. Some people want to know ‘when things are going to happen’. I suggest you look around and you will see that things are happening. It can take a long time for circumstances and events to trigger the inevitable. Once that happens, you will find things happening a great deal faster than you might like and find yourself wishing you’d done a little more personal work on yourself, when you had the chance.

I mention my invisible friends occasionally and some people take exception to that, without knowing who and what they are. I’ve refrained from getting into specifics because it could very well sound outrageous. I know it is outrageous from my view. Often people think if something isn’t happening to them then it can’t be happening to someone else. I would ask those people to consider how much effort and sacrifice they have put into it. I would like to ask those objecting, to be honest with themselves and ask themselves; what have I done to make contact with higher life forms? I warrant you will have to admit, not much, if anything.

I’m not here to justify myself. Anything I may have accomplished is possible for anyone else who wants to go through the trouble …and history is littered with the names of those who did. It’s true that the number is quite small in comparison to the general population but the general population spends its time on other things. If any of us can play an instrument- and that includes our own being- and also instruments not generally recognized as even being in existence, it is because we took the time to learn how to do it and went to the right teachers for the training and information.

Some people come here to interact and experience what gets said because, for whatever the reason, they keep coming back. A very few come here to snipe and I would say that the extraordinarily low number of those who want to play the troll should be evidence of something, because I very rarely censor any comments and you have to develop a long track record for me to shut down your personality. I can only think of two people who have accomplished that since I started this and there’s one other who comes and goes, goes nova, goes away and then comes back again at intervals and I always let him back in.

I have intentionally painted myself in a bad light at regular intervals just to keep a fallible human perspective operational. I don’t like doing it. Having to do it should speak to motive. The idea that I should do still more is ludicrous. It is important for those who are repelled by the singular amount of complements that this writer receives to realize it is not the fault of the writer fishing for them. The writer’s character does not need to be reduced to more and more of less and less in order to offset what the readers say. The writer doesn’t prance about and bask in the glow. The writer seldom acknowledges the comments. Eh?

I’ve had to deal with this sort of a thing for a long time and it’s about to get a whole lot worse (grin), if I can say it that way. Destiny is a fact and a feature in all of our lives. Our possibilities are limitless but we don’t take advantage of that very often. So it is, that later in our lives we are hounded by our failures, based on the degree to which we have sold out and compromised ourselves and not lived as we should have. In some cases this means having been an outlaw, when the alternative was to bend over for the bad guys. In some cases, this means living as one ostracized for not having followed the accepted avenues of conformity. In some cases, this means behaving as if one were insane in the eyes of all of those who think themselves sane and who are actually garden variety nutjobs, filled with twitches and ticks; obsessions, compulsions, neurosis and all sorts and varieties of secret activities that shouldn’t require my listing them.

It takes a tremendous amount of force and fearlessness to go against the common grain and live in varying states of pariah status. One has to disappoint friends and family and sometimes walk some long roads without being understood, while incapable of presenting any convincing explanation. If you imagine that tales like these always end in madness; suicide, censure, poverty and whatever negative connotation you can come up with, think again. Anyone who is sincere and perseveres, gains the friendship of angels and all those invisible beings who assist humanity, just as demons work the other side of the court.

Those who can resist the attractions of the underworld, win the favor of the overworld. Those who pass certain tests find that there are results. Sometimes this can continue until late in life, depending on the point the universe wants to make. However, no force on this planet is equal, by any stretch, with the greater will of the cosmos, which is conscious and aware of everything. This is why some of us can act with impunity and not fear any reactions from the lower realms; can in fact say, “Kiss my ass”, with authority.

I could tell you some incredible tales, sometimes I do but mostly I don’t. Anyone who doubts whether I have invisible friends should research what happened with me at that gladiator school, Petersburg Reformatory, under the name Les Crook (ironic name eh?). Besides those who are aware of what happened, I’m sure there are people still around who were there and remember it. You might also research the same name in the courts of Hawaii, where I remain the only person to prove against the government and walk away from a life sentence and I had no money and a court appointed lawyer. There are plenty of people aware of that one. Afterwards, some people said, “Well, he bought off the jury.” With what? And this is the state with the highest conviction rate in the nation.

There are quite a few other tales but I don’t see the point of telling them just to make myself look good. That’s not my job. That’s the job of my invisible friends, who are also not going to stay invisible.

We are coming upon a time when the fabric of reality is going to tear. The dream web is going to fray. The hypnotism and hallucinations are going to be ended, so that people can see what they haven’t seen and should have seen but they weren’t looking hard enough. That’s the trouble with people. They don’t look hard enough and they don’t try hard enough and when they do it’s for material gain.

Do you think it is an accident of enforced celibacy that led to all the priest molestations in the Catholic Church, all over the world by sheer coincidence? Think again. There’s more at work than you might suspect. Do you think it’s just the nature of the game that all of these politicians are so corrupt around the world? Do you think it’s the nature of corporations and banks to be not only vile in their methods but ratcheting them up in turbo phase as they are doing right now? In some cases this is true but there’s more to the whole thing than that and it’s going to become increasingly clear what that is.

This is all a movie and it has a director and now the movie is going to change. Believe it or not, it will or it won’t and we’ll see. The whole thing is coming down and being redone for a new existence under a new template. The old world is passing away. The world is simultaneously in its death throes and the travail of birth.

It’s been no accident, the generations who have shown up recently and the ones in play at the various levels of the moment. New generations are coming now too. You can argue about it all you like. There are a lot of people pontificating. We have an epidemic plague of experts who don’t know shit but they are going to see too.

I have a job and everyone else has a job to do. Most people are not doing their job; they’re doing something else because of the personal cost of doing their job. Most people are not being themselves because of the personal cost. Most people aren’t living their lives because of the fear that comes when you find yourself up against the manifest obstacles to true self expression. That’s all going to change and it’s not going to be very long at this point.

Take a good look around you. Open your eyes. Look at all the forces massing for one thing or another and all the social games and experiments that are at work. Something is coming out of the mix, right up out of the heart of humanity and it is going to bless and to punish accordingly.

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