The Goyim Have Drunk the Globalist Kool-Aid — Feb 3, 2018

Last week, self-hating Halifax civic officials removed the statue of the founder of Halifax, Edward Cornwallis (1713-1776). It doesn’t matter that he founded the city; he had a skeleton in his closet. He had issued a bounty on the scalps of Mi’kmaq (Indian) people in 1749. Since he was long dead, the only thing that could be removed was his statue, which was considered an obstacle to “reconciliation.”
After decades of Masonic Jewish (Communist) tutelage, Canadians now have so little respect for their own heritage that they could do this. They could not focus on the many positive things this man has done
There is a connection between the removal of statues of white men and the #MeToo movement. Both are racist and sexist hate, designed to stigmatize the white male as a sexual predator and brutal killer. Cornwallis could not be accused of an improper sexual overture, so scalps were used as an alternative. The Illuminati always have a victim handy. 
You cannot disown your heritage without destroying yourself. This is how it began in Zimbabwe and South Africa. When self-hating Haligonians are ready to turn the city over to the Natives, they can drown themselves in the harbor and make Jim Jones proud
Here is the story from The Toronto Star where the natives invoke their trademark spirituality to justify this attack on Canadian heritage.
Orwell quoteAs the statue of Edward Cornwallis was lowered onto a truck in Halifax on Wednesday to be taken away and placed in storage, a bald eagle soared high above.
Rebecca Moore, a Mi’kmaq woman who’s fought to see the statue fall, held a feather in the air, and dozens of people who’d gathered in the cold craned their necks to look up at the sacred bird.


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