The Asymmetry of Indulgence

Irish Savant — irishsavant.blogspot Feb 1, 2018

There’s been a theme running through the comments recently regarding the merits or otherwise of associating with Nazi symbols and terminology. For the record I think we should – for the foreseeable future anyway – avoid them like the plague. The Nazi brand is toxic. Just recently even Jordan Peterson ran into a huge amount of trouble simply for appearing in this rather innocuous photo here.
The irony is that while Nazism is seen as toxic Communism is quite respectable. We’re told that Nazism was evil, mass-murdering and demonic while Communism was essentially well-intentioned albeit some of its adherents took things a bit too far. In reality the reverse was the case. Even if we accept the six million Holocau$t™ fraud – a cash cow fabrication on an epic scale – deaths resulting from Nazi actions pale into significance compared to those of the Communists. If we exclude deaths from standard warfare the Nazis killed probably less than one million, including the Holocau$t™ hoax it’s still ‘only’ about seven million. In comparison the deaths resulting from implementing and operating Communism are close to 100 million. At one stage under Stalin the state was executing 10,000 victims per day while Pol Pot tried to exterminate a whole people.
Despite this, self-professed Communists occupy positions of influence and prestige throughout the West with Eric (‘the world’s ugliest man’) Hobsbawm being a prime example. He espoused Communism all his life although strangely enough when he fled the Nazis he didn’t go to the USSR but rather to Britain. Where, like a termite, he enthusiastically undermined the foundations of the state that gave him refuge. He was almost certainly a Soviet spy, being ‘friendly’ with all of the Cambridge Spy Ring, always fretting about his MI5 file, fearing that someone may have ‘ratted me out’. He was a self-acknowldged social snob (I’m a Tory Communist’) and quite openly despised the middle and working classes. Truly he loved The People and hated people.
In an interview with Michael Ignatieff (media today: A Jew interviewing another Jew on an issue of interest to Jews on a channel owned or controlled by Jews but financed by the goyim) he admitted that if the Soviet Union had succeeded in creating a true communist society it would have been worth the deaths of the twenty million people who perished under Stalin.
Ignatieff: ‘In 1934 … millions of people are dying in the Soviet experiment. If you had known that, would it have made a difference to you at that time? To your commitment? To being a communist’
Hobsbawm: ‘Probably not.
He supported the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939 (according to Hobsbawm they were defending Finland from British aggression!) Hungary in 1956 and in Prague twelve years later. Yet this treacherous psychopath was laden with honours throughout his life. The media and his academic colleagues bowed down before him and force fed his work into every modern history course. When the finally died  aged 95 (why is it that the most evil live the longest?) the HebeBC actually altered its programme schedule to broadcast an hour-long hagiography while the next day The Guardian filled not only the front page and the whole of an inside page but also devoted almost its entire G2 Supplement to the news. The Times devoted a leading article to the death, and a two-page obituary.
All of which would have been of interest to Markus Meechan who ended up in jail for training his dog to give the Nazi salute. At least he can take some consolation in knowing that Hobsbawn must now be roasting somewhere in the Seventh Circle of Hell.