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henrymakow.com — Jan 29, 2018

chasing goldHitler’s war effort was completely financed by gold looted from the central banks of conquered countries, and from Jews.  This could not have been done 
without the cooperation of the “central bank of central banks,” the Bank for International Settlements who transferred this gold to the Nazis.  The Allies sat with the Nazis on the Board of this bank, further proof that the Second World War was a complete fraud perpetrated on humanity by the Illuminati central bankers. 
Related Bank of England transferred 23 tons of Czech Gold to Nazis
——————Helped Nazis Sell Plundered Gold 
How the Nazis Stole Europe’s Gold 

by George Taber — (excerpt by henrymakow.com) 

Austria was the first victim of Nazi aggression in the spring of 1938. Because of his close relations with the Bank for International Settlements, which he had helped start, [Hjalmar] Schacht knew that the Austrian central bank had about 100 tons of gold. That was almost four times as much as the Germans had at the time. When the Wehrmacht marched into Vienna on Saturday morning March 12, Wilhelm Keppler, a businessman and early Hitler backer, and two armed Nazi commandoes arrived at the Austrian Central Bank and took the Austrian gold to Berlin. The Germans forced the Austrian central bank to transfer an additional 5.7 tons that it had shipped to London for safekeeping.
hjalmar_schacht_large.jpg  The Nazis also demanded that Vienna’s large and wealthy Jewish community hand over to Berlin 14.3 tons of their private gold. Schacht, left, immediately departed for Vienna to lead the Nazi takeover of the Austrian central bank. In a festive celebration at its headquarters, he led the staff in a pledge of allegiance to Hitler, asking them to join him in “a triple Sieg Heil to our Führer.”
Without the stolen central bank gold, Adolph Hitler would have been an insignificant player in world history.


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