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Alt-Right News — Jan 22, 2018

Irish Village

Peaceful Irish village enjoys the benefits of ‘multiculturalism’. Click to enlarge

Ireland is really being enriched by multiculturalism. For example, Lusk was a just a boring, pretty village to the North of Dublin until Saturday (20th) when one of Dublin’s many ethnic gangs decided to have a “day in the country” and liven things up with some random acts of violence and vandalism. As reported by the DublinLive website:

The gang, reportedly calling itself ‘the K45 Crew’, moves between Blanchardstown and north county Dublin and is responsible for a series of unprovoked assaults. On Saturday, residents in Lusk were forced into lock-down after around 100 teenagers invaded the village, throwing stones at buses and smashing up property.

Gardai [Irish police] were alerted shortly after they got off the train in nearby Rush. They rounded up the gang members and escorted them back to the station.

One eyewitness said: “About 15 of them ran down my road. Riot gardai got them. They were out for trouble, hitting the gardai and hiding behind bins. Some of them hid in fields as well. The whole platform was full when they were putting them back on the train.”

Apparently, this is part of Ireland’s fast-evolving gang culture, where competing ethnic gangs nominate a neutral venue outside their gang enclaves in Dublin, in order to arrange fights and also terrorise residents in areas where there is an extremely low police presence because of high-trust White communities.

“Over the past 18 months, teen gangs have regularly travelled for fights arranged on social media to Donabate, Malahide and Swords. Gardai suspect the gang, which has African origins, is behind a string of attacks and robberies in Ongar, Mulhuddart, Tyrellstown and Clonee.

There have been several arrests in recent months for assault causing harm, possession of an offensive weapon and violent disorder.”

But rather than taking Draconian measures against these scum and deporting them and their families to countries more suited to their anarchic presence, cucked Irish authorities are now mainly worried about local residents organising to defend themselves.

Last month protesters in the nearby seaside village of Balbriggan took to the streets to demand a more visible police presence in the town, which they say is in the grip of gang rule.

Meanwhile, the media and local politicians are less worried about what the gangs are doing and more concerned by the mere possibility that local residents may do something to confront the gangs.

Local councillor Tom O’Leary of the cuckservative Fine Gael party appealed for calm when actually being calm is a rather shit response to a rampaging mob of Third Worlders in your formerly peaceful village.

“Neighbourhood Watch is the best way to deal with this,” O’Leary told the Dublin Gazette. “It is a tried and tested method and it works.”

Nice theory, bro. What is clearly needed here is some simple A/B testing, pitting “Neighbourhood Watching” against the mass deportation of thuggish Third World migrants, so that we can finally see which method works best.

Remember that “Multiculturalism” is just code for “We think they are too dumb and savage to assimilate.”