One Woman’s Answer to Sexual Chaos — Jan 24, 2018

man proposing to girlfiend outdoorsYoung women must demand courtship and commitment as a condition for sex says 28-year-old Anna Freeman from the UK. It’s what women want.
It’s time they started to listen to their own instincts instead of the mendacious mass media and peer pressure.

by Anna Freeman — (

LONDON — Recently,  a friend looked at me in horror when I mentioned that mutual acquaintances had had a baby.
“They’ve had a baby?” She repeated hoarsely. “I can’t believe it…”
I was puzzled. “Why not? They’re married, they’re nearly thirty – what’s the problem?”
“Well,” She replied, distaste etched across her face. “I just thought they were more intelligent than that!”
Welcome to the 21st-century feminist dystopia – where having a baby provokes horror and a family is considered stupidity.
Educated British women in their twenties and thirties, by and large, consider children and family to be an antiquated disease caused by ignorance, poverty and lack of birth control.
And why must intelligent women avoid this unspeakable illness at all costs?
So they can continue to have ‘fun’, of course.  ‘Fun’ has become the single last bastion, the irreproachable emblem, of modern life.
All other values, all indicators of a civilized, sane society, are sacrificed and forgotten, considered ‘boring’ – whilst ‘fun’ rules with a ruthless and unchallenged supremacy.
‘Fun’, is a euphemism for sexual licentiousness; a term that’s taking on ever more onerous and Orwellian forms, as sexuality becomes an indefinable darkness, where everybody can do everything with everyone, with no commitment or consequence (or often, conversation) required.
Most women under 30 now consider themselves ‘bisexual’, priding themselves on eradicating the distinction between friends and lovers, whilst self-proclaimed gay men spend nights out kissing and groping their female friends because it’s ironic and ‘fun’.
Straight men know they can go out and sleep with countless women and need never contact them again, as it’s all just cool and no biggie and ‘fun’.
But there’s a bit of a problem with all this fun – nobody is actually having any. Underneath the hyperbole, behind the Facebook photos, is an unadorned and ugly truth – that this is a shattered generation of wretched people.
Everyone is suffering the unremitting horror of being forced to twist their humanity into something else – something manufactured, programmed, and much less than human.



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