Pride before a fall?

The Irish Savant — Jan 24, 2018

If applied wisely power can be sustained for a very long time as the Roman and British Empires testify. But immense power carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Power’s seductive siren call invariably leads to the isolation of the powerful who surround themselves with like-minded sycophants and fellow-travellers, in due course losing the pulse of the people over whom they hold sway. Loss of power, and frequently life itself, inevitably follows. The story of Marie Antoinette advising the sans-culotte to eat cake after they had run out of bread has become the stuff of legend. And it seems on that fatal night when Nicolae Ceaușescu addressed his last public gathering he was under the impression that he’d be facing an adoring crowd. A few days later he was dead.
Peterson-Newman-640x480Are our current anti-White nation-wrecking globalist overlords falling prey to the same pathology? There are encouraging signs. Seemingly trivial developments such as The Cutest Monkey In The Jungle fiasco (my previous post) suggest a detachment from reality that verges on psychosis. Jordan Peterson’s interview with C4’s “liberal” feminist Cathy Newman threw up similar signs in that Newman and the programme team demonstrated a mind-numbing over-confidence through their lack of preparedness. No facts, no research, no fall-back positions, placing the fate of the interview in the hands of a close-minded slogan-shouting dim-witted ideologue.
She was duly shredded and humiliated – which we must assume came as a shock to the programme makers. But obviously they didn’t think so in the immediate aftermath of the interview because they loaded it up on their Youtube channel where it quickly attracted millions of views (C4 videos get about 3,000 on average). And the tsunami of comments is running at the ratio of 80:1 against Newman and the whole “liberal” feminist anti-White agenda she espouses. The reaction has been so overwhelmingly negative and powerful that C4 have been reduced to playing the poor-little-woman-being-bullied card.
Shooting themselves in the foot is an understatement.

Conman O’Brien has done something similar with his visit to Haiti to undermine Trump by showing it to be a wonderful place. He felt he’d demonstrate this by sipping wine from a coconut in (seemingly) crystal-clear waters at a pristine beach surrounded by friendly natives. You can read a report here but to briefly summarise the whole project has become a laughing stock on the Internet not least by way of the numerous side-splitting photo-shopped images which followed from the alt-right. Absolutely priceless! How could O’Brien and his producers have been so detached, so tone-deaf as to make themselves and their agenda a laughing stock? The explanation is simple. They have blocked all contrarian opinion from the airwaves and surrounded themselves in their echo chamber with like-minded ideologues.
A bit like Ceaușescu, come to think of it. All going well their leaders will meet a similar fate, expiring under a hail of machine gun fire in a pool of blood in a grimy back alley.