Where Have All Our Mentors Gone?

henrymakow.com — Jan 16, 2018

MentoringIn an article, Marriage-Minded Young Women are “Depressed and Anxious”AZ writes, “What I really needed was a good mentor to ground me and teach me to hold standards for the men coming in and out of my life.” 
With this single sentence, AZ describes perhaps the most glaring default facing society today: we no longer have mentors.
Mike Stone surveys family, school, church, & workplace and finds that mentors are few and far between.

By Mike Stone — Jan 16, 2018

What’s the missing ingredient in almost all of our lives? Mentors!
Boys are no longer taught how to be men, and girls are no longer taught how to be women. As a result, society has turned upside down.
I speak from personal experience. Growing up, nobody told me anything about money, about being a man, about women. It was years later before I began to figure life out on my own, and in some areas, I’m still struggling.
It would be easy to blame our mentor-less society on the two-income system we currently inhabit, in which both parents work and their children are raised by the state via daycare and the school system. While that is definitely a factor, it’s not the entire answer.
As a child, I was never sent to daycare. My mother was a stay-at-home mom and yet she offered little to nothing in the way of mentorship.
When the kids came home from school, she was on the phone, complaining about her life and talking for hours about absolutely nothing. At night, she sat in front of the boob tube with a stupid grin on her face, laughing at the stupidest sitcoms imaginable.
The senseless sitcom characters that my mother idolized were her mentors, and she hated the fact that her own life did not match theirs. This led to constant arguments and fights with my father, who retreated by hiding in his work. As children, we never saw him  not working. The poor guy literally worked himself to death and died at age 48.


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