Brendon O’Connell – Syria, Russia & Iran are Not the “Good Guys” — Jan 13, 2018

Makow to O’Connell: “I’m having trouble with your thesis that Netanyahu and Putin are in bed together. Seems to me Israel was not pleased with Putin saving Syria and destroying ISIS.” 
This is Brendon’s reply. I’m not buying it but I post it in the interest of provoking discussion. 

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By Brendon O’Connell — ( 

Syria “saved”? 
Its been split into three – Southern Syria, Damascus (semi-central, the only place Assad rules and Russian bases are), and the Kurds in the north and northeast, busy carving out their own country and doing deals with Russian Jewish Oligarch run (and best mate of Putins) Igor Sechen and Rosneft for oil and gas. The Kurds are in bed with Netanyahu.
Syria is not saved, the war rages on. Russia has not “left” and is as busy as ever. ISIS? Who or what is ISIS? Syria is %87 Sunni with a tiny Allowite (semi-Shia) elite who run the place. Every Sunni with a (legitimate) gripe against Assad is suddenly “ISIS”. Like every Pashtun elder with an AK in Afghanistan pissed off at coalition bombing his kids is a “Taliban”.
Assad is a dictator with a Shah like torture apparatus – though nowhere near as bad as his father. His security services were trained by the Soviets and currently the new Soviet Union 2.0. Most people do not even know the Soviets have been in Syria since the early 1950’s and never left. Assad’s father was brutal. His son is a trained eye surgeon and the MSM narrative is he never wanted power, but he has inherited the brutal state apparatus and it goes on regardless. Iran is far less brutal and at least Saddam provided a high standard of living while being a dictator himself. You could even criticise Saddam to a point – speak to people from Lebanon and Syria about what happens if you open your mouth in Syria? You WILL lose your fingernails. And then lets not forget the massive interference in Lebanon that eventually the Lebanese took to the streets to end. Endless assassinations by Syria and gross interference in Lebanese politics.
The original 2008 “uprising” in the south of Syria was legitimate. No one denies that Assad’s security services overreacted to a local phenomenon. Syrians are not happy with Assad and the fact they earn $200 a month in Syria while they earn $1000 a month digging a ditch in Lebanon and $4000 a month in Saudi or the Gulf States.
Syria lives on Lebanese and Gulf State money. Iran’s empire building in the Middle East is to ultimately blame for Syria as we see it. Sunni’s are in open revolt at what they see as the invasion of Iran and it’s Shia militias and Hezbollah. The Hadith on the Dajjal (anti-Christ) and “70,000 Jews from Isfahan (Iran),” has Sunni’s on edge whether you choose to beleive it or not. They told me straight to my face in Iran they were building the Persian Empire – this is hardly a state secret in the Middle East. I was to work with The Persian Gulf Studies Center. Apparently my job was to attack Saudi and the Gulf States all day and I was not going to do it. As for sanctions on Iran? There are ZERO sanctions of consequence on Iran Henry. There are nuisance financial restrictions. We know what happens to countries with “sanctions” – real ones. Look at Iraq. People need to ask some very simple questions and draw some conclusions – the rhetoric on the MSM and alt media does not match what is on the ground in Iran.
Iran is giving Israel what it needs – the excuse to push all the way to the west bank of the Euphrates. Netanyahu’s biggest problem is left wing Jews in America, not Iran and Hezbollah. They are a blessing and an excuse to build Israel’s military capacity and terrorize the local Jewish population into coherent submission to state power.
 Do you know how divided they are in Israel Henry? War is what Netanyahu and Israel’s military-industrial establishment need right now – preferably an attack by Hezbollah on their ammonia storage tanks. The average Jew in Israel has little clue that the current economic high tech boom is ALL about Israel’s military and the threat of war. The Talpiot Program and Israel’s “survival” is what keeps the fake colonial state alive – nothing else.


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