“Homophobia” Means China Will Eclipse the West

henrymakow.com — Jan 10, 2018

Nothing says the West is slated for decline more than a comparison of China’s gender policies with ours. The Illuminati allow the Chinese to be “homophobic,” i.e. to protect gender, marriage, and family.
“Gay Rights” were never about shielding homosexuals from persecution. They were designed to spread homosexual dysfunction to heterosexual Christian society, destabilizing & rendering it vulnerable to conquest and enslavement.
Similar to homosexuality, China is spared multiculturalism and migration.
In contrast to the Chinese who have a fierce national loyalty, the West is led by Masonic Satanists, perverts and traitors dedicated to their own countries’ destruction. 
Source: Newsweek: The World’s Worst Place to be Gay
The worst place in the world for LGBT to live is China, according to a survey that puts Beijing at the bottom of a list of most welcoming cities, alongside several other Chinese cities.
Dignity?  Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at "Gay Pride" parade in Toronto Sunday. Homosexuality is inherently anti-children and anti social.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at “Gay Pride” parade in Toronto. Click to enlarge

To celebrate Pride Month, German housing website Nestpick ranked the most welcoming cities for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. Beijing came last out of 100 cities, while Shanghai sat at number 89 and Hong Kong at 83.
At the other end, Madrid topped the list, followed by Amsterdam, Toronto, Tel Aviv and London.

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