“War of Civilizations” is a Zionist Scam – Muslim

henrymakow.com — Jan 9, 2018


A British Muslim reader explains the Saudi role in the Zionist (Masonic) plan to start a war between The West (Christianity) and Islam.
He exposes the online facilitators of this agenda, Alex Jones and Jeff Rense.

by Ash — (henrymakow.com)

To bring about the Albert Pike’s World War 3, the Satanists had to create a violent bloodthirsty “Islamic” cult. The British establishment found an ancient sect, the Khawarij, that had existed at the time of Prophet Muhammed and had always been at odds with mainstream Islam. The characteristics of this sect were their arrogance and narrow literal interpretation as well as their readiness to label a fellow believer an apostate and hence kill him/her.
The modern-day Khawaraj, the Wahabi movement, was established by the British using the bandit Saudi (Crypto Jew Tribe) clan. The Wahabis issued fatwas against the Ottoman Empire declaring them unbelievers. British imperialist pawns, the Wahabi movement turned their violence against fellow Muslims. The Wahabi tag is largely considered a dirty word in the Muslim world outside of its birthplace Saudi Arabia.
Trump with Saudi leaders. Click to enlarge

Trump with Saudi leaders. Click to enlarge

The Modern day Wahabi hides behind the “Salafi” label, the Salaf were the pious early generation of believers. By adopting this label they are arrogantly claiming to be a people who follow the early generations of Islam, but nothing could be further from the truth!
Traditional Islam knows that a majority of these people are fraudsters. It is only by the financial patronage of the Saudi royal family and the support of the western governments that this sect has spread around the world. No matter how bad things get, the West rarely criticize the factory of extremism which is Saudi Arabia.
Never trust any literature that has come out from Saudi Arabia, whether it is a Quran translation or any other text. Look to the authentic traditions of Islam taught by people like Humza Yusuf, Umar Abdullah, Abdul Hakim Murad, Sheikh Imran Hosein etc.
We know the internet is run by the enemy, so when you are searching for knowledge, you must be aware that the system is forcing you down a certain route to control the message and keep you fumbling around in the dark.


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