Merkel Madness Grips Germany

Mike Walsh — This is Europa Jan 7, 2018

merkel what could go wrong

As Germany turns into a repressive violent state travellers are on a ‘visit at your peril’ red alert.  Entangled in electoral mayhem and threatened by refugee violence the Merkel regime is said to be staring into the abyss.

Normal life is fast disappearing. Also disappearing are many Germans now fleeing to Hungary and Poles returning to their homeland to escape rampant refugee violence gripping Germany’s once beautiful cities.

Greece has suffered a calamitous 41 percent drop in tourism as a consequence of the invasion by non-European benefit bandits. German’s tourist sector is reeling from an even greater drop in visitor figures. Private properties in the hotel and leisure sector have been commandeered by the state to accommodate invaders.

In the latest bizarre twist, STASI-like German cops arrested a visiting Canadian pensioner. The state-sponsored abduction occurred in front of an astonished courthouse.


Monika Schaefer. Click to enlarge

Canadian Monika Schaefer, whilst attending a Munich court hearing on January 3, was seized by three armed cops, handcuffed and taken to the cells.  Attendees and observers seated in the court’s public galleries stared at each other in disbelief. The retiree is now in a High-Security prison in Munich.

In an astonishing exchange of words, Germany’s State Prosecutor snapped at the protesting music teacher, “If you wanted to stay free you should have stayed in Canada.”

Is the diminutive music tutor a deranged escapee with a long record of violence? No, a getting on in years lady she took an interest in the holocaust. Disturbed by what appeared to be exaggerated figures that relate to compensation pay-outs Schaefer discovered the holocaust is being used as an international scam to extract money from the German State and to bolster sympathy for Israel.

Despite overwhelming evidence of holocaust related fraud, which has been published in western media, Schaefer’s arrest could result in a 5-year prison term for carrying out investigations that actually supports many leading figures, including prominent Jews, who are also outraged at the extent of Holocaust-related fraud.

Observers say this is a deeply worrying trend and compare it to the notorious 17th Century witch-hunts of Medieval Europe.

Media is playing safe and publishing press releases issued only by Jewish pressure groups. This strategy gives readers and viewers a skewered account of the bizarre abduction.

Supporters of the UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS are advised against travel to Germany and urged to warn friends who may be contemplating a visit to Merkel’s Germany.


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