“A true Irish patriot…”

The Irish Savant — Jan 9, 2018

Peter Sutherland

“A true Irish patriot…”

Thus did the Irish Times (The Conscience of Ireland) describe Peter Sutherland on the news of his death last weekend. They fawned over his ‘passionate loyalty to Ireland’. Actually the primary and over-riding loyalty for Suds (as he was known to the constellation of sycophants that surrounded him, hoping to capture some of the stardust that wafted in his wake) was to himself, followed by Goldman Sachs (aka the Vampire Squid and Crime inc.) and finally by a rogues’ gallery of globalist NWO nation-wreckers such as Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.
His loyalty to Ireland can be judged by his role in saddling the Irish taxpayer with the bill for paying off irresponsible bondholders who had lent to irresponsible banks. Late at night in September 2008 he rang the Irish Finance Minister who was dying of cancer and in a very weak position to argue with such a Master Of The Universe. Suds solemnly warned him that a failure to ensure payment to bondholders (even the unsecured ones who were legally owed nothing) would result in ‘irreparable reputational damage’ to the country. The rest is history. The Irish taxpayer was and remains on the hook for what I understand to be the largest per capita debt in banking history. It subsequently emerged that none other than Suds himself was one of said unsecured bondholders.
Some patriot.
But you can pay off a debt bomb, no matter how onerous, as Ireland is now doing. You can even rebuild a country bombed to ruins as Germany and Japan have done. But there’s one kind of bombing a nation cannot recover from: The demographic time bomb. When your country gets flooded by unassimable fast-breeding invaders from the Third World it becomes poorer, fragmented and low-trust while its schools, hospitals, courts, jails and welfare systems come under immense and endlessly growing numerical and cultural strain. There’s no way to recover short of mass ethnic conflict and displacement of the kind  associated with the dissolution of Yugoslavia. In other words there is no recovery for most Western countries.
And that’s Peter Sutherland’s main legacy to Ireland. With tactics straight out of the Kalergi playbook he incessantly pushed the project to blend out the White race. And only the White race. When claiming to the London Times that the EU needs “to undermine the homogeneity of Europe” his normal silver-tongued eloquence evaporated when asked whether this should apply to China, Japan and the rich Gulf states as well. So his distaste for ethnic homogeneity is selective. As it is for anti-competitive practices. Immediately after making his name as EU Competition Commissioner he took the Chair of CRH plc, a company mired in scandal and allegations of criminal breaches of competition law as they fought to maintain their virtual monopoly of Ireland’s cement industry.
In conclusion it’s worth considering why he would continue to throw his weight behind the destruction of his broader ethnic homeland even after his star was in the ascendant and his worth close to a billion dollars. You can call him many things – but not stupid or short-sighted. He simply had to realise the catastrophic impact of his policies. So why would push them right up to his death?
I posited one possible explanation here.



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