Is a New UK Political Party About to Emerge?

Introduction — Jan 8, 2018

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We take little interest in party politics. Most politicians and their parties are thoroughly compromised and no matter what they claim there’s often little REAL difference between them.
This may account for the growing disinterest and outright cynicism about the political process among ordinary voters. Beyond whether politicians are Tory or Labour they all serve the same ruling elite, rather than the voters they purportedly represent.
This is compounded by a corporate media that doesn’t report what’s really happening but relates a version of events dictated by the powers that be.
However that may be about to change. Despite the headline below, this may have absolutely nothing to do with a “hard Brexit” but it could signal a genuine upheaval in British politics.
Back in September, 2017, psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker predicted the emergence of a new political party in the UK. Hamilton-Parker has a solid track record so when he says he foresees the rise of a new political party, which will become “very powerful”, it’s worth noting. Ed.

Unhappy Tories could break away and form new ‘centrist’ party with 30 disaffected Labour MPs if hard Brexiteer succeeds Theresa May

Natasha Clark — The Sun Jan 8, 2018

They claimed that senior MPs had discussed joining a new movement with up to 30 MPs who are dissatisfied with Jeremy Corbyn.

The minister told PoliticsHome that it could be “all over” for the Tories after Mrs May departs.

The PM is expected to stay on until at least 2019 to see Britain’s exit from the EU in March of that year.

But deep divisions are continuing to develop in the party already over the party’s response to Brexit.

Brexiteers want a clean break from the EU and for us to go out alone – but Remainers want us to stay close to the bloc so we can get a similar trade deal to what we have now.

The minister said: “The trigger for this is if we choose the wrong leader. There is a lot of space in the political centre and if we choose someone from the right it could be all over for us.

“I think there are probably 30 Labour moderates ready to jump, but they are waiting for us to move first.”

Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn in 2015, many moderates have felt increasingly uncomfortable with the hard-left direction of the party.

A number have stepped down as MPs to go and do other things – Tristram Hunt went to run the Victoria and Albert Museum and Jamie Reed went back to work in the nuclear industry.

But the Labour leader shocked Britain last June when he went on to win 30 more seats.

If moderates from both sides left their parties, they could form a new centrist movement, and possibly threaten Brexit.

The minister insisted the move to form the SDP was not a failure – and could do even better today.

They said: “People talk about the SDP as if it was a failure but it was a success,” the minister said.

“They went from nothing to getting 25 percent at the election. And that was at a time when tribal loyalties were much stronger and there was no social media.

“We would have money pouring in from businesses who want a moderate government. We could do much better.”


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