Muslim to “Red Necks” — We are not your Enemy — Jan 7, 2018

ms mooradM.S. Moorad, 44, (right) is a single plumber who lives in South Africa. He has traveled widely, including visiting many cities in the USA. He comments on the slave mentality of the goyim in the west who prefer to advance Zionist world tyranny rather than their real national interests. This was a response to Charlottesville: A Marcher’s Perspective.

By M.S. Moorad — ( 

I don’t know why most redneck, right-wing types are so anti-muslim. Can’t they see that we are more of a victim than them?
These fools who enlist in the military to kill innocent people halfway around the world and then when they find more Muslim refugees coming to the West as a result of their actions in Muslim lands, they get angry that these people are stealing their jobs & want to enforce Sharia law.
What a hoot! Do these fools even know what is REAL Shariah law? Let me just say this- there’s not ONE country in the world, even Saudi Arabia, that has Sharia law being implemented in full.
What Muslims want is to be able to practice their religion freely but as soon as Muslim women dress modesty & cover their faces, these nutjobs get all excited & the other Zionist creation- the Libtards & feminists, start going on about oppressing women etc- even though the women who dress this way, do it OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL.
I remember not long ago when all decent white women in the west also dressed modestly but now it seems you have to dress like a slut to be regarded as normal.
These right wingers also say that countries like Saudi, Qatar etc should accept these refugees because those are Muslim countries…they conveniently act like they don’t know (or maybe they’re that dumb that they actually don’t) that ALL oil-rich Arab countries have brutal Zionist-controlled puppet regimes in place & these guys do ONLY what their Zionist masters say.


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