The Early Bird gets Cosmetically Wormed

Smoking Mirrors – December 19, 2010

So now we are hearing that it’s not happening on 2012 but going to occur starting Dec 21, 2010. We could be in an, any minute frame of reference, or we could just be getting further annoyed with whatever we are waiting for, continuing to not show up. However, since we don’t know what’s coming, not having it show up can be a very good thing, depending on which end of the equation you are on. Well, you can take off your mind any concerns about the ‘no show’ factor. The show is on, you are in it and part of it and if nothing has happened yet, that means you should be… happening.

I’m flat out exhausted from having stood for several days on the docks of time and watching my ships come in. I can see the prows and the masts from here but they haven’t come into the port proper yet; haven’t tied up at the metal rings in the concrete walk. Laurence Oliver came back from the dead to do one of my posts and I must say I am both surprised and honored. Thank you.

I now know the meaning of ‘too much of a good thing’ because of the necessary physical and metaphysical preparations necessary to receive them. Three days of being bounced off the walls and thrown from side to side, as extra-dimensional physicians, do removal and implanting can make you gun-shy of ever getting close again, (grin) unless you’re me, heh heh… ah well, you had to be there and I am told some of you will, soon enough.

I can’t tell you how difficult it is to have to viscerally accept that everything is under control, absolutely and completely and that there is no reason to worry about anything. We think we know ourselves but we don’t. We don’t know ourselves at all, so it doesn’t project into the affirmative that we know each other either. I’m assuming the latter is predicated on the former. That’s how it’s looking from here.

I met the divine on a beach at the age of 21 and he told me that “everything is under control, take the reins”. I’ve lived with that and other quotes I received that day for all of my life up to this moment. Countless times, I have repeated them in my head and turned them over, looking at them, thinking I knew what they meant and remaining puzzled about some of them. Meaning is a funny thing. It has dimensions like height and width and depth. Something can mean one thing on the surface and something else entirely when you meet it in the depths.

As with some number of events in my life, there were witnesses for this meeting, which I guess says something. He spent the day with me, only once talking to someone else that I can remember. Douglas Hume, brother of Brit Hume, traveled all the way from Virginia to Lime Kiln Creek in Big Sur to check on this because of what was happening with me and there he met Donovan who wanted to string a big bell across the valley and others who confirmed the meeting. Longjohn who comments here is aware of these things and was around most of the time through many following occurances.

The Man on the Beach also told me, “God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream”. I said, “but he’s going to wake up right”? “I don’t know” was the reply. He said, “I like to fuck but I despise deals.” I said, “but you don’t have to make any deals.” He said, “Deals have been made”. Near the end he turned to me and said, “You’re a celebrity here, you know.” I had no idea what he meant and still don’t. What I remember is that the point came when I started saying, “I don’t know” and I knew that I didn’t. I was emptied out. He had total control of the whole day and I was never really aware of it. I didn’t think much about it in the following weeks, except to notice that I was making that snorting sound that he made as he forced the air out of his nostrils.

He looked like one of those Chinese sages. I asked him if he was Chinese and he said, “No”. I asked him if he was about 28 years old and he snorted and said, “No”. The lines of force in his face were incredible. His body was like that you see on the statues of Lord Shiva. He was immaculately clean, in a brilliant white t-shirt, chinos and Clark’s Desert Boots but his nails were broken and dirty. It was three months later when he activated my kundalini in the woods one night in Virginia, causing my acquaintances to become so freaked out that most of them never spoke to me again.

I realize now that I’ve never been unwatched and never been abandoned, over the whole course of following events, as I sometimes thought. I’m absolutely certain of that now, given what I’ve just been through. I should tell you that just because you aren’t seeing things at this very moment does not mean that they aren’t taking place. The bad guys are going to learn the meaning of incredible humiliation and abject fear. It’s happening right now.

All power comes from one source. David Rockefeller and Obama, the Rothschild’s and those garbage life forms in Israel and elsewhere, all move around and do what they do because of power loaned out for the performance of their evil. The switch can be thrown at any moment and will be. They’re being informed of this and toyed with. These monsters don’t take things the way we do. Most of them don’t believe the information being given to then. They think they are supreme in their realms. They’re going to find out otherwise, really soon.

The divine can wipe out every standing army on Earth with a simple gesture; can make weapons useless and defenses as permeable as gossamer silk. This force can accomplish anything, any time, anywhere. Just because it isn’t doing it, doesn’t mean it can’t, or won’t. We don’t and can’t comprehend the mind of the one who has been here from the beginning and always will be. We have no clue as to the immensity of the awareness and power. The divine has activated his agents and you are going to see some mind-bending and spectacular things.

I was told to put these coming days aside and relax, sleep, watch movies and not concern myself about anything. I was told this at the beginning and I can see now why it got said because I am wiped out. I keep going into the lamia and laying down, drifting away, staring across the way at the woodstove as the coals and flames do their dance. Occasionally being arched backward from the middle and tossed to and fro. “If you knew what you were getting, you wouldn’t mind this one bit”

I got some several kinds of internal injections that released chemicals from their storage holdings inside. This was accompanied by “Merry Christmas” and other things. I don’t want to talk about a lot of the details because it will piss some people off and I also don’t know a lot of the details, just some of them. I got some gifts and some of you are going to get some gifts too, soon. Some of you have already contacted me about this. Keep it in mind that the divine never does things in a small way, when it comes to setting a table for the ones he wants to lunch with.

He told me that to be named his friend and given his favor is a very rare event but that variations of that are going to be happening here and there. “It’s disappointing” he said. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than to dispense gifts among the worthy but there are always so few. I know I made it difficult but I put the value of what could be gained into the minds of those I was testing.”

I’m supposed to be telling you these things, against my will in some respects, because coming events are going to prove what is said here true. The divine is aware that I don’t want to look like a fool and also aware that I don’t really care either but that I might not say some things as a result. I’m told there’s a lot more to be said and that soon, too.

You should all take heart regardless of appearances and even celebrate. I don’t like to drink but I was forced to go and get a few beers to toast my good fortune. I’m about to be shown just how deep and comprehensive that control is and everyone reading this is in a position to profit immensely if they just take it to heart and listen for instructions. I’m going to go watch some movies. You’re watching a movie now. Watch closely to see what the director is about to do to the film.

End Transmission…….\

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