Marriage-Minded Young Women are “Depressed & Anxious” — Jan 6, 2018

From her best friend's wedding, AZ is second from the right

From her best friend’s wedding, AZ is second from the right

AZ has been aware of the social engineering since college. “I’m 31 now. I grew up in a Christian family and as soon as I went to college noticed how corrupt people and the values were. I inherently knew from a young age all I wanted was a husband and family. Yet I was always ridiculed or told I’m “too sensitive” as a woman. I wish I was more ignorant. Knowing all these truths has made me very sad.”

by AZ — (

Life as a 31-year-old single female is actually not so glamorous. The media–music, television, and movies would make most people believe we are Carrie Bradshaws. However, most of my friends and I in this situation are depressed and anxious. Have we missed the boat of true love and marriage?
Where does one find it? Tinder? All of the online dating seem more like casual hookup services then people wanting to form a lifetime love.
I have lived in two of the most liberal cities in America, San Francisco and New York City. I remember coming right out of University at the age of 21 being very confused about the world as a woman.
Looking back on it now. a lot of my seeking days were really me just wanting to find a home and love with a masculine man. Everyone kept telling me to advance my career and be independent, but I was never truly happy in my soul. I knew something was missing. That this way of life was a lie to my feminine heart.

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