MI-5 Used Terror Groups to Assassinate Leaders

henrymakow.com — Jan 5, 3018

Charles Haughey was Irish Prime Minister "Taoiseach" from 1979-1982 &1987-1992. click to enlarge

Charles Haughey was Irish Prime Minister “Taoiseach” from 1979-1982 &1987-1992. click to enlarge

MI-5 tried to assassinate Irish Prime Minister in 1985

“Everyone with half-a-brain knows that Israel, the US, and Britain have used front groups like Isis and Al Nusra Front to wreak carnage in the Muslim world on behalf of Anglo-Zionist interests, but the same interests have long used western terror groups to get rid of domestic enemies and to furnish a pretext for the surveilled police state. “

by Jude Duffy — (henrymakow.com) 

At Christmas 2017, Irish state papers revealed that in 1985 the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) informed the Irish Prime Minister Charles Haughey, (1925-2006) that MI5 had directed them to assassinate him.
According to the Protestant terror group – long a paramilitary wing of the British deep state – MI5 gave them comprehensive details of Haughey’s movements, his mode of transport, his home, and even supplied aerial photos of the small island he owned off the south coast of Ireland. The UVF stated in the letter that they turned down MI5’s request on the grounds that they didn’t wish to take part in such “dirty tricks”.
One can take this letter at face value, or one can speculate as to whether it may have been the British deep state’s way of issuing a thinly veiled threat – via their stooges in the UVF – of the deadly consequences for Haughey of continuing to obstruct their agenda. Either way, it illustrates how globalists happily use terrorism to enforce their will.



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