Man who predicted Brexit and Trump gives bleak predictions for 2018

Maya Oppenheim — The Independent Nov 12, 2017

Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker

A man who successfully predicted the unlikely victory of Donald Trump and the UK’s vote to leave the European Union has come up with a new round of prophecies for 2018.

Craig Hamilton-Parker has prophesied there will be a terrorist attack on a British motorway, revolution in North Korea which overthrows Kim Jong-Un’s regime, and a chemical weapons attack by drones on a European city.

“2018 will be a year of political turmoil and environmental crisis caused by dramatic and unprecedented weather,” he said in a blog post.

On a less morbid note, Mr Parker also predicted Prince Harry would become engaged to Meghan Markle.

The Southampton-born man, who has had an uncanny propensity to predict improbable global events, also guessed a series of terrorist attacks, an international economic recession, and Theresa May managing to hold onto power.

In terms of the US, Mr Parker, who accurately guessed Hillary Clinton would step down from politics in 2017, predicted President Donald Trump would dodge impeachment proceedings and a US warship would drown next year.

In Europe, he said cultural friction would worsen in Germany and France and intensifying racial troubles and riots were to come.

He made a number of troubling predictions in terms of environmental catastrophes and said the environment was his number one prophecy for the forthcoming year.

“Environment is top of my list because I feel 2018 will see unprecedented earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and ferocious weather,” he said. “I have been saying for some years that we can expect this – not just because of global warming but also because of increased activity of the Sun. We have seen terrible hurricanes but I feel there is worse to come.”

Mr Parker predicted Mount Vesuvius in Italy would erupt and Naples will be evacuated, there would be a rise in seismic activity – including in areas that have been tremor free for as long as a thousand years, with a very serious earthquake hitting New Zealand.

He predicted record level hurricanes ravaging the Caribbean, wildfires in California and Australia, and flooding in China and India. What’s more, the southern seas will be impossible to travel along in certain areas due to a massive ice shelf breaking from the Antarctic.

But Mr Parker’s conjectures were not all doom and gloom and he predicted there would also be a concurrent growth in spirituality.

“Many of the above predictions are pretty gloomy but I feel that there will be a simultaneous growth in spirituality for the people of the world that will now start to lead us into a Golden Age,” he concluded. “Conflict and hardship plus growing environmental problems will bring good people together and ignite a desire to seek the true purpose of human life.”


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