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Rebel of Oz — via Hushmail Dec 29, 2017

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What exactly is it that makes “normal people” perceive us “conspiracy buffs” not only as “crazy”, like someone who own 20 cats or washes his hands every few minutes, but literally as mentally ill?
Ask them, what if – purely hypothetically speaking – the “conspiracy theories” were true, would they still think it was crazy to spend your free time on researching them and writing and talking to people about them, like an evangelist, whether they want to hear it or not? Chances are they won’t answer. Or, they will avoid a direct answer by responding with a logical fallacy such as how crazy it was to entertain for even a second that any of those 911, chemtrail and vaccination “conspiracy theories” could be possibly true.
In other words, the part that makes “normal people” think we were “crazy” is not our “obsession” as such, but the fact that we believe allegations they perceive to be so outlandish that only a mentally ill person would give them much thought.
The problem they have with us is just as much our rejection of the orthodox narrative as our unflattering interpretations of the facts at hand, unflattering for the “establishment” that is.
It is not only that we believe that there is such a thing as a deep state cabale who performed 911, but also that we believe that the official explanation of the 19 Arab students with box cutters and a dozen of flight simulator lessons were capable to perform flight maneuvers that only a highly experienced pilot could have performed if it was possible at all.
It is not only that we believe that injecting mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum right into the blood stream of young children could have anything to do with the alarming increase in autism and Alzheimer disease, but also our contempt for the claims of doctors, pharmaceutical companies and governments that we don’t need to worry.
And it is not only that we believe that deep state is fumigating us like cockroaches with their chemtrails for all sorts of evil purposes, but also that we don’t believe the governments’ assurances that those white lines stretching all over the sky were perfectly normal fuel dumps and condensation trails.
It is both mistrusting the assurances of the establishment and suspecting them of evildoings that is making “normal people” regard us as crazy. They will not do any honest research of their own but only come up with falacy after falacy and a whole bunch of red herrings.
They act like someone refusing to watch a horror movie. They just don’t have the gutts to face the ugly truth. Ask those people, just for fun, how they would have react if they lived in “Nazi Germany” and were told by a loved one or friend that the German government was gassing its citizens by the millions.
Would they shrug it off as a crazy “conspiracy theory” too, because it just sounds too absurd? Or would they do their own research? Enjoy!
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