Was the Forensic Pathologist Trying to Tell Us Something?

At first sight, the testimony of the forensic pathologist Dr Nicholas Hunt seems to indicate that he is fully supportive of the suicide theory. However, at the end, he seems to be throwing out hints that it wasn’t necessarily so….

The following exchange took place at the tail end of the testimony of the forensic pathologist, Nicholas Hunt.

You have already dealt with this, I think, but could you confirm whether, as far as you could tell on the examination, there was any sign of third party involvement in Dr Kelly’s death?

A. No, there was no pathological evidence to indicate the involvement of a third party in Dr Kelly’s death. Rather, the features are quite typical, I would say, of self inflicted injury if one ignores all the other features of the case.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say concerning the circumstances leading to Dr Kelly’s death?

A. Nothing I could say as a pathologist, no.

Isn’t Hunt implying there are “other features of the case” that would mitigate against suicide?

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