Israeli Involvement in 911

“Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about the evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.”
— US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9/11.

Keep in mind Johnathan Pollard was the only member of the Israeli spy ring in the US who was arrested. The rest are still operating.
— The Iron Webmaster

In the matter of the original group of nearly two hundred known Israeli spies in the US, if the following are not characteristic of an espionage operation what does it take to indicate espionage?

· They were all connected and coordinated. The best number we have is there were over 120 of them arrested. There is no known estimate of the number not discovered nor the number who fled the country before arrest or the number that did not make the news.
o They used the same cover story.
o They engaged in the same pattern of activities.
o They used the same methods in those activities.
· They had similar backgrounds
o They had they same limited range of uncommon military skills, demolition, electronic surveillance and counterespionage.
o The women (ravens?) were described as uncommonly attractive. The looks of the men (swallows?) was not described.
§ Ravens and swallows are terms used by the KGB for spies who traded in sex for information or blackmail.
· They did the same things around the country.
o They all claimed to be art students selling their own art but none were art students and all the art was made in China.
o They all claimed to be from one of two art schools in Israel, one at a university which does not exist. None were art students.
o They all tried to sell on military bases and restricted government office buildings such as the Drug Enforcement Agency and the FBI. There is no report of any attempt at sales at any other place or to non-government employees.
o They all tried to gain criminal access to those same bases and buildings and sometimes succeeded.
o They all tried to gain access to the homes of government employees. See electronic surveillance above.
o Of all the places to live in the country, several of the groups lived within a few blocks of the 9/11 hijackers. I do not believe in coincidence.
o They were all in the country illegally both by overstaying their visas or by working without permits.
· They had similar responses when arrested.
o They cooperated with the questioning until the questioning indicated their connection with other arrested Israelis was raised, that is, did they know each other.
o Not one of their stories checked out.

Whatever they were doing in the US it was clearly not selling art work. No matter what the price no one is going to support themselves in the US selling art work unless a recognized professional. Most such art is sold in flea markets by artists who do not quit their day jobs. These people had no day jobs. Therefore they had no visible means of support.

One of the cover stories is that it is a custom for people who have completed military service to travel outside of Israel before going on to college. Then one can say they were supplementing their savings by such sales. Service begins after high school at 18 and lasts for three years. That would mean they should have been traveling at 21. They were all 24 to 28 so the story cannot be true.

Another cover story is that universal military service in Israel makes their all having military service sound suspicious when it is not. If that were an explanation they would have had the average spread of common military training such as infantry, armor and maintenance not the few uncommon specializations they held. Therefore this story cannot be true.

Israel immediately denied the allegation they were spies as they did with Pollard. Israel eventually admitted Pollard was part of an Israeli government spy operation on the US.

Some people have a problem connecting the dots between the Drug Enforcement Agency and the rest.

After years of rumor and denials the US government has admitted the CIA did bring drugs into the US to sell to finance some of its covert operations, Iran-Contra in particular. Israel was part of the Iran-Contra operation. Israel has a corner on the world market in the illegal drug MDMA known as Ecstasy or XTC. Tens of millions of pills are smuggled into the US every year. Israel’s Mossad is the equivalent of the CIA in the US.

I do not want to hear that Israel would never smuggle drugs into the US when the CIA did it. Information on the DEA is essential to keep the smuggling operation going.

Demolition experts also do not appear to fit until we remember two Israelis again illegally in the country were discovered in a rental truck with traces of explosives. A few days later the US warned of explosives packed in apartment buildings.

And with all of this, what happened? They were deported without explanation to the public. At least one thousand middle eastern men have been in prison without formal charges since 9/11 nor have we, the public, nor has any judge been told why they are being held other than they were in the country illegally and were working without permits, just like the Israelis.

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