Brendon O’Connell Describes His NZ Ordeal — Dec 23, 2017

OConnell after a 2 week hunger strike

Brendon O’Connell after a 2-week hunger strike. Click to enlarge

Brendon O’Connell was encouraged to come to New Zealand Oct. 9 by well-connected people. He was in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia but wanted to continue his career in nursing in New Zealand. O’Connell was encouraged by NZ’s anti-Zionist stand.
But NZ doesn’t have facilities for asylum seekers and he was put into a maximum security facility.  This is designed to discourage migrants.  He was held in solitary naked and on camera for two weeks. He was awakened every 15 min 24/7. They threatened to medicate him but it didn’t happen. Finally they decided to let him return to KL.  Malaysia Airlines paid for his flight back to KL and received a warm welcome on Wednesday from Malaysian officials.
Brendon’s sophisticated take on the reality behind the charade can be found on his website. Listen to an amazing interview with him by Kevin Barrett. Details below.

by Brendon O’Connell — (

Kuala Lampur-  I could have walked right through border control – just scanned my passport with the deal NZ and Australia have. But I decided to declare my criminal conviction to keep within the rules. I had detailed documentation and audio visual material for immigration showing the garbage, politically motivated charges.
Immigration were very nice originally, but after 12 hours, as I had interviews, the tone changed. They stated it was decided I would not be allowed into the country and I could do a “turn around” there and then and go back to Malaysia at my own cost. I said I was moving forward with political asylum. They said I would be placed in prison where all asylum applicants go. I stated that was ridiculous, asylum seekers are only detained in separate detention centres where they are allowed to call anyone they want, have computer and email access. Internet access. Own clothes. Access to all papers and effects, clothes. BUT NOT IN NEW ZEALAND! They place refugees at the border in the maximum security Mt Eden correctional facility where you have access to…nothing.
NZ was criticizing Australia on their treatment of asylum seekers. I know for a fact ALL asylum seekers in Australia, whether on the mainland or offshore processing center, have full access to the internet, phone calls, property, papers and effects. They are kept locked down to a bare minimum.