Digital Currency is the new Woo-woo WTF! …and it is Here to Stay

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Dec 20, 2017

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
I am not a financial guy. I make no claims in that regard and I am not about to. I am an intuitive guy and I would be willing to match that particular feature with anyone. I was told not that long ago that things were going to change for me in many ways and I can literally see where that has been true. Bit Coin came to my attention a few months ago as a viable thing; suddenly, just like that. Someone then asked me for investment advice and if you are reading this, consider what I am about to say as a portion of that advice updated …and use your common sense and use you own internal radar. I promise and guarantee nothing except as affirmation of promises already made by the ineffable and which you should be familiar with and if you are not then you are in some kind of trouble.
When I first started telling a particular person about Bit Coin, it was at just over a thousand dollars. They farted around and then they and certain other people all said, “Okay, let’s go.” By that time it was at $4500.00 meaning they lost a substantial amount that could have led to them, today, having made 16 times their investment. As it is they are between 3 and 4 times.
Two nights ago I got an internal memo saying something should be done about Bit Coin Cash. I did not even know what that was. Apparently, Bit Coin Cash is some kind of a ‘fork’ that took place a short while ago in the Bit Coin structure. Two nights ago Bit Coin Cash jumped about 30%. This morning I saw that it had gone from $3500. to $4000+ the day previous it was at $3100. Someone who paid attention to me did very well; like thousands and thousands of dollars to the good. I have gotten another internal memo that said, “put some eggs in the Ethereum basket because it will never be around $700. again. Then I got another birdie in my head that said a soon to be released virtual currency called EOS, which is presently around $5.00 (just looked and it is over $12.00) is going to multiply exponentially over and over. I was told to look into something called Privacy Currency and of course, the just released Peer Play, which will be using the app engine; Bookie is… I think, going to go through the roof! Especially because 2018 is World Cup year and I suspect that world wide it is the biggest sustained sport betting period that there is. Peer Play is a platform that levels the sports betting field and is unshakably honest and ‘cannot be’ corrupted. It gives you an even chance to prosper and not get ripped off by the house because the odds always favor the house and the house cheats. I do not doubt that for a minute. The house cannot cheat with this.
How can it not be that Peerplay is going to be worth many fortunes in time to come and that time not far off.
Virtual Currency is here to stay.
Listen up!!! This is an apocalypse! This is a grand apocalypse!!! It comes once every 26000 years {whew!}. An apocalypse is a time of change. An apocalypse is a time when the reins of power change hands. A time of apocalypse is when long standing infrastructures are set to tumble to the ground and be rebuilt according to the prevailing tenets of the new age that we are now in. A time of apocalypse is when the living force and light and teachings of the ineffable are redefined in concert with the coming age(s); religions crumble and are reconstructed into something more precisely reflective of what is and not what was. The corruptions, perversity and decadence of recent centuries and centuries before are stinking up the joint, are permissive of anything the sold out sluts in Halloween outfits want permitted. Everything has become a whore’s gallery.
Look at journalism. Journalism has often been a questionable source of information because most of the time it is owned by those who use it to promote and justify their agendas. There must have been a time where they were more honest and truthful than they are now because now they are out humping all and sundry in every dark alley all the way up and down Sunset Strip, Ventura Blvd, Broadway, Colfax Ave and what have you; Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd. You don’t want to try to walk these and they are doing their business in every alley all up and down the way.
If all these other things are changing and everything else I haven’t mentioned are changing then… aren’t the financial systems going to change? And… if the internet is the biggest Woo-woo WTF going and cellphones are the digital prophets of the deus ex machina machine, doesn’t it stand to reason that virtual currency will be the next big thing and can most assuredly transform the quality of your life? …and if you get in on it now and especially if you got in on it before; holy shit! Of course you need to know what you are doing because there are allegedly, over a thousand digital currencies.
Let me intrude here and say, NOTHING is more valuable than to Love and seek the Ineffable, Period!
There are, according to someone, 6 important currencies and Litecoin keeps appearing all over the place and I have said nothing about it (don’t know why- besides that I know little about it and that extends to all the rest of them too). The critical point is that, if everything else is changing then why not the financial system? Twitter Junkie Warren Buffet is seriously down about Bitcoin Cash and wailing on Ethereum. He seems to be behaving like an arrested development Ritalin Clown and pogo sticking through the room like a pregnant woman who has to pee, going on and on about giving away truffle like slivers of Bit Coin, if you do this or you do that. Warren Buffet is a big time mover and shaker, so is Jamie Dimon and all kinds of other investment bankers who do not and never have had our best interests in mind and I don’t care what you say about Berkshire Hathaway and how we all get to feed at the big automat downtown. Mostly none of them like digital currency. Why? Because they don’t control it. Yes, there are arguments that the NSA-Deep State came up with all of these. I think that’s horseshit, or some variant of excrement. Of course, I think the ineffable is behind everything, either through initiating it or permitting it for the purpose of demonstration and educated evolution.
The international bankers have fucked up the world, created all those gruesome wars, impoverished people, created famines and grasping, paranoid robot cultures, forcing the populaces to march in regimented sequences or huff and puff their way to an early grave on one treadmill or another. They are crocodile swine. They eat everything and their single by-product is waste, stinking waste. They are losing their grip. It’s granted that they will engineer a financial crisis asap, or whenever it is likely (in their minds) to profit them the most. It is going to bite them in the ass.
The #metoo movement, headed by the fugly tandem of Tarana Burke and Rose McGowan makes me shake my head at the irony of this woman being the face of the movement. I don’t know the details but on what planet are they lining up to sexually harass this woman? I don’t want to be cruel. I do not want to be mean but… this is really bizarre. Then there is Rose, who is the modern day incarnation of Madame Dufarge and who is supposedly an actress but if that is the case then so was Vanna White. I watched this whole thing happen and saw her opportunism manifest like something flowering out of the loam of the fruitful soil of this sanctimonious and hypocritical age. She and Colin Kaepernick are Siamese Twins of shameless self promoting figureheads who recognizing that their best days were behind them (or never existed in the first place), made the leap into another kind of celebrity. In NO WAY do I wish to diminish the actual suffering that so many women have experienced at the hands of brutish and rutting troglodytes like Weinstein and ilk. My bone of contention is with these two raging amoralists who are only about being front and center stage and nothing else. As for Tarana, I just find it strange. It is very strange, the appearance factor and I am not about judging anyone for their looks, I am no Tom Cruise but… given the particular context of the nature of sexual harassment… how… how did Tarana become the face of the movement? This is another of those cosmic in your face ironies that is too close up for the rest of us to see with any clarity.
Okay, I probably stepped in it good with that particular digression but it’s been hammering at my head for some while now and I thought I would just allude to it in passing… as we are now passing (grin). In any case, Rose McGowan comes across as a hysterical (hopefully) metaphorical knife wielding Fatal Attraction type who we had better hope never gets any real power because the Madame Dufarge comparison is truly eerie; keeping in mind how the planetary alignment of the last eclipse mirrored the alignment of planets during the French Revolution. Madame Dufarge was not a nice person. She was also not a real person. I am guessing there are many who did not know this.
It will get bloody and messy as the currencies collide. The world is changing, at every level and not least so at the conscious level. It’s all burbling to the top. It is all percolating out of the sub conscious because the great sea of the collective unconscious is tranformatively restless. There is going to be ♫a whole lotta shakin going on♫
I am not trying to tell anyone what to do with their investments. That is not my field of enterprise or endeavor. It is simply that, of late, the ineffable has opened this area of industry to my awareness and for whatever the reason, I have been spot on, spot on and some people have done very well accordingly. It is my hope they know when to get out. Even given that you have to pay taxes on what you made, you are still going to walk away with a pile, if you took my advice back when- and some of you did- because you are now tens of thousands to the good. How long it will continue to go up I do not know. I do not know what is brewing in the background. I do not believe the world of virtual currency will collapse because I have looked at the way it is put together and it’s solid. If you are looking to maximize your potential, now is the time. Even if it goes up and down for a bit, it will not, I do not think, drop too far below where it presently is and it won’t stay there if it does.
You have been warned, or advised, as the case may be (grin).
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