Newsweek: “U.S. Government Planned False Flag Attacks to Start War”

Introduction — Dec 18, 2017

Why has it taken Newsweek so long to finally acknowledge what “conspiracy theorists” have been talking about for decades? Could it be that “false flags” weren’t mentioned because they might give people ideas?
Especially after 9/11.
Indeed, false flags have become a standard prop in the modern political repertoire. From 9/11 to 7/7 they’ve been used to pave the way for western military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and the “War on Terror”.
Although you wouldn’t think so from reading the corporate media. Because they have rarely touched upon the topic.
It’s as if the corporate media had deliberately kept the public in the dark on the matter. Because if the public had been properly informed about false flags the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan may never have got underway.
So now Newsweek reports on false flags  but only refers to those that stretch back more than half-a-century.
By treating them as history Newsweek can ignore more recent false flags without too many noticing. This illustrates how the corporate media is used to control the way the public views events, often without most of them realising.

Newsweek: “U.S. Government Planned False Flag Attacks to Start War”

WashingtonsBlog — Dec 17, 2017

Last month, Newsweek ran an article headlined (all caps in original Newsweek title):


The article notes:

The U.S. government once wanted to plan false flag attacks with Soviet aircraft to justify war with the USSR or its allies, newly declassified documents surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy show.


False flag attacks are covert operations that make it look like an attack was carried out by another group than the group that actually carried them out.

The mainstream media is finally catching up with what historians have long documented …

After all, influential royal advisors have been advocating false flag attacks for more than 2,000 years … and false flag attacks are so common that U.S. officials commonly discuss them.

Indeed, there are now so many admissions by government officials of false flag terror that only the willfully ignorant still doubt the reality of the concept.