Insider: Is Trump Family Cult Behind Coming Armageddon? — April 12, 2018

chabad followersMichael Berg, 32, a dedicated member of Chabad for four years, believes that this cult’s demented vision of Jewish world hegemony is behind the rush to war with Russia. With Trump and Chabad-members Jared & Ivanka Kushner in the White House, Chabad is in position to bring about the prophesied cataclysm that will usher in their Messianic rule. 
We must consider the possibility the West has been hijacked by a fanatical satanic cult whose tentacles extend to Freemasons, who are also Cabalists. Certainly, satanic possession best explains the irrational behavior of the leadership of the West. We might be in real danger.  A crazed cult wants to scuttle the ship and set humanity back 300 years. 

By Michael Berg — From Dec 19, 2017 (


Trump backer and Chabad supporter, billionaire Sheldon Adelson

I was born in Israel in 1985. My parents are European Jews (My parents’ ancestors had a history in Germany since the middle ages.. )
Physically, my family and I don’t look like “typical” Jews – I look like an ethnic German i.e. white skin, blue eyes, blond hair. Physically, I look like any normal White person of Northern-European (“Aryan”) origin would look like.
Why is it important? It’s important since Jewish racism against gentiles isn’t so much about biological racism (hatred of gentiles because they are physically different from Jews).  There are Jews in all shapes and colors. Jewish racism is about a spiritual racism – A belief that Jews have a higher soul than non-Jews and that non-Jews have satanic souls. This means that all religious Jews regardless of their colors and country of origin look at non-Jews as “inferior” simply because they came to belief that non-Jews have satanic souls.
In this article I want to tell you about my experience and my understanding of the Jewish religion in general and a racist cult “Chabad” in particular.



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