Portrait of a Happy Marriage

henrymakow.com — Dec 16, 2017

How Dusty and wife will look in old age

How Dusty and wife will look in old age

Something upbeat for a Saturday!
“Give with no strings attached and give often. You’ll be amazed how happy you’ll become and how happy the people around will become.”

by Dusty Rivers — henrymakow.com)

 I saw your Tweet this morning [asking people to describe their happy marriage] and had to write in. I have been married over 15 years now – 20 years together – and have never been happier! My wife and I thank each other everyday for the hard work and effort we put into our marriage. It’s not easy in this day and age, especially with 2 teenagers.
We met early in life, 24 years old, but late enough to have sown our wild oats so to speak. We were both poor, making minimum wage and only high school diplomas on the wall. We fell in love and wanted to work towards a family. We saved, lived in basements, worked a ton, went to business school at night (we both sought employers who paid for courses if we passed) and after 5 years had enough to buy a condo and get married. (Our wedding cost $3,000 including the honeymoon! – haha).
It’s been the best 20 years a guy could ask for! I think because we started with nothing, what we have achieved, we have achieved together and it makes it so hard to throw away. You could say we’re dedicated to each other through sweat and hard work.
My wife and I attribute our successes to having defined roles for each other – I’m big picture and she’s the details person. We’ve both agreed on our role in the marriage and we base our opinion of each other on how much effort we exert. But, we’re flexible too and can take on each’s others roles in an instant – we call it “cross-training”. We trust each other a lot in this part of our lives. It’s always worked for us – because we’ve always worked for the marriage. I must say at this point in my dialogue; it is a ton of work – more than I could ever have imagined. After the kids arrived, the amount of cleaning alone is enough to make you cry – haha!


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