New anti-terrorist legislation to make Britain safe. Whew!

Irish Savant — Dec 15, 2017

The police in Britain have taken a fair bit of flack for their inability to prevent numerous Islamic terror attacks despite having had the murderers on their ‘watch list’. Watch list seems an appropriate term as all the rozzers seem to do is watch. Maybe they were too busy with other things. Like looking for hate speech on the Internet. Takes a lot of manpower to do that and ensure that no minority gets offended by the natives.
But maybe I’m being a bit unfair because monitoring a would-be terrorist is immensely time-consuming. Specialists claim that it takes between ten and twelve agents to monitor a single terrorist around-the-clock. And MI5 are trying to track no fewer than 3,000 of them with 200 relevant agents. You’d imagine then that the prospect of 400 new suspects….well actually 400 fanatical atrocity-hardened blood-stained “British” ISIS terrorists returning from Syria would be the last thing they need. You’d imagine that in any sane country they’d be met on arrival by a hail of machine-gun fire and their carcasses dumped in the sea.
Not exactly. According to Max Hill, the Government’s specialist adviser on terrorist legislation, ‘we must work towards integration and not lose a generation from this travel‘. Yes, he actually said that. The country is doomed. But wait! Home Secretary Amber Rudd has new anti-terror legislation on the way. “I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda and bomb-making instructions face the full force of the law for up to 15 years.”
Did you spot that? ‘Far-right’ propaganda right there between jihadi head-choppers and bomb-making. And just for viewing the material. And how do you define ‘far-right’? Ah well, that’s the nice part. It can be anything the HS says it means. We’re told that preventing those thugs returning would contravene ‘the fundamental principles of British justice’. But is not getting 15 years in the slammer for simply reading some non-PC material a contravention of these principles? It’s hard to get away from the feeling that this legislation is aimed more at the jihadis’ enemies than at the jihadis themselves. If TPTB wanted to keep those terrorists out they could. Likewise if they wanted to jail them for the rest of their unnatural lives they could. But they don’t and they won’t.
Our countries are in the hands of our enemies. But we knew that, didn’t we?