Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Vigilant Citizen — Dec 12, 2017

Disturbing paintings depicting various scenes of ritual abuse are on display near the entrance of the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas. 
The official website of the United States District Court of Nevada states:
“The cornerstone of the Amercian judicial system is the trial courts … in which witnesses testify, juries deliberate and justice is done.”
– William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States
If that is the case, why are there paintings of birds raping people displayed at the Las Vegas Courthouse?
A bird violating a young girl while another bird watches over. Click to enlarge

A bird violating a young girl while another bird watches over. Click to enlarge

According to Redoubt News:
These paintings were hung in the very front of the courthouse, next to the main entrance. (…) These are reportedly created by local high school students. Their teacher said to one of the complainants, “They are learning that they don’t identify people by their faces.”
The article states that nobody at the courthouse took responsibility for okaying these paintings.
A closer look at these paintings reveals that their message goes way beyond “Don’t identify people by their faces” (whatever that means). Indeed, the paintings are replete with imagery and symbolism relating to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and trauma-based mind control (known as Monarch Programming). They tell a disturbing story of abuse at the hand of extremely evil people, which leads me to doubt that those were made by high school students.
Here are the paintings. Warning: Graphic imagery.

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